Full Spectrum Jordan: It’s not complicated

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It is not complicated. It is not far away. 

The West, spearheaded by Biden, has clearly chosen its side - Israel. The side is not peace or development or de-escalation. It is Israel for reasons of foreign policy and domestic politics, not for reasons of international law or justice or security. This is politics. Why did we look to Biden or Ursula von der Leyen and expect justice or law?

The case for justice and international law is not complicated. 

  • Is collective punishment allowable by a state?
  • Is cutting off water to a population allowable?
  • Giving 1 million people 24 hours to move in forced displacement - allowed?
  • Bombing of the same population as it is fleeing - ok for the global community?
  • Cutting off electricity to an entire population, including hospitals - not a war crime?

اضافة اعلان

This is not recent. This conflict did not begin with Hamas’ attack on October 7, and it did not begin with Israel’s targeting of the Baptist hospital on October 17. The isolation and collective punishment of Gaza has been going on for decades. Decades. 

If you want to make it complicated you can. Please, hold a roundtable or a seminar on the nuance and intricacies of various agreements, handshakes, violent attacks, uprisings, armed groups, or manifestos. You might make some valid points. But how do you answer the questions above? 

It’s not complicated. 
Israel claimed they targeted the Baptist hospital, because it was a Hamas center. Later it said that Hamas hit it themselves, (or, according to Biden, ‘the other team’). Israel is creating confusion around the hospital, not clarity, and its allies - the US specifically - are playing along.  Later from the New York Times or Washington Post, we may read of an investigation, later with a quiet admission of guilt and ‘lessons learned’. We know this theater piece well. 

 We have heard from the US about fake news, disinformation, and malign actors, yet the president of the US gave misinformation from his podium - saying he saw the babies beheaded by Hamas. Or did he make a mistake? If he did, we can forgive you - if you answer the questions above. 

One last question - if you answered the questions above, are your answers the same for all people? Or are some populations not afforded the same international law?

I am asking as one of the ‘Human Beasts’ that have been mentioned by Israel.

Katrina Sammour was first published on Full Spectrum Jordan, a weekly newsletter on SubStack. 

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