The 360 tour of mothers’ lives

360 mom staff
The staff of 360Moms. (Photo: Handout from 360Moms)
AMMAN — Educational articles, healthy recipes, access to experts, workshops, and more: local business 360Moms seeks to provide mothers in the Arab world with everything they need in order to succeed.اضافة اعلان

“360Moms was launched five years ago, but the idea was produced one year before the launching when I had my second baby,” said Dina Abdul Majeed, an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of 360Moms, in an interview with Jordan News. “Even though I did much research, at several points, I needed direct assistance.”

Majeed faced challenges after the birth of her second child. She sought advice from experts, who in turn provided her with the needed assistance straight away.

“My life was transformed from a very stressful one to a more relaxed one. I think that us moms, need that kind of support,” she said.

Starting with a team of just six, the company now has hundreds of experts, including Arabs and foreigners from all over the world.

“360Moms has experts specialized in medicine, psychology, and other fields, from which women can benefit, from planning pregnancy until giving birth,” Majeed said. Additionally, 360Moms publishes science-based information provided by experts according to their education and practical experience from mothers. The goal is to make the content accurate and transparent.

Majeed noted that she found a significant absence of accurate information for parents online. 360Moms’ goal is to bring experts and scientific information to one place. Moreover, it aims to empower and support mothers. She added that 360Moms is growing through its community, through which mothers share their experiences and stories with each other.

“At first, we built a structure for the basic topics, and we adhered to it. Also, we did our research on social media to know what frequently asked topics and questions there are,” Majeed explained. Their website adjusts “its topics according to current circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Majeed also added that there are several ways to contact 360Moms, such as through social media platforms or by the mobile application’s chat feature, which allows moms to connect with the experts. “By downloading the app, they can directly ask questions.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 360Moms’ team conducted online webinars and hosted successful virtual events that included a large number of mothers around the world. The webinar managed to break barriers and reached many countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

As an entrepreneur breaking out on her own, Majeed did face challenges. “As a startup, we had limited funding,” she said. “360Moms went through many challenges, and the goal was to prove the necessity for a website to exist. It is hard for somebody to believe in it, especially because some investors do not believe in content-based projects.”

“Being a solo founder with no partner was tough,” she added. “But in time, the mothers’ feedback was one of the things that pushed me to continue.”

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