Graphic designer combines aesthetics and practicality

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Left: Entrepreneur Shahed Darwazeh in an undated photo. Among Darwazeh’s achievements is starting a businesses in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Right: Designs done by Visual, a graphic design company founded by Shahed Darwazeh at the onset of COVID-19. (Photso: Handout from Shahed Darwazeh)
AMMAN — “What connects me most to Visuals is that I do it out of love. I get things done because I want to, not because I have to,” said local entrepreneur Shahed Darwazeh, founder and creative director of a small business that she started fresh out of collegeاضافة اعلان

Visuals offers graphic design, packaging, and branding services. It is premised on the idea of creating a visual identity for a product –– a step-by-step process that Darwazeh describes as starting verbally, by “sitting down with the client, understanding their vision, and writing their story.”

Darwazeh then works to transform that nascent idea into a visual one, creating a final product that is both visually appealing and practical. She emphasized that her products represent a combination of problem-solving and storytelling.

While completing her undergraduate degree in architecture, Darwazeh approached her projects with a graphic design mindset. She had a sharp eye for detail, branding, and gauging the user experience. She said that she soon realized those were skills she wanted to reflect in her career, prompting her to establish Visuals.

Darwazeh founded Visuals following the onset of COVID-19, during a period that has stifled economic opportunity and prompted a rise in unemployment in much of Jordan. But she believes the pandemic has left her well-equipped to tackle problems head-on, and she told Jordan News that she feels optimistic about the prospects of expanding her business, given the challenges that she has already been able to overcome.

The designer also noted how challenging it is to be an entrepreneur in Amman, owing primarily to a lack of resources. She finds that most of her support comes from her own generation and other small business owners.

At first, Darwazeh executed every aspect of her business herself, from packaging and design to product and content creation. She described an “initial reluctance to ask for help” and an urge to do everything herself. When that began to take a toll on her, she looked to build a team and delegate responsibility.

Darwazeh sought out individuals who shared her passion for delivering the best product possible. She currently leads a team made up of a content creator and a production manager helping ensure that the production of her handmade products meets a certain standard.

When experiencing “art block,” Darwazeh draws inspiration from her immediate surroundings. She is a strong believer that art is everywhere — a mindset that serves her well when she starts to get discouraged by the grimness of current events.

 Visuals offers its services to vastly different industries, which Darwazeh said keeps her inspired and prevents redundancy. “Each client tells a unique story … it is far more exciting than working with the same group of people and gets us moving in different directions,” she explained.

Visuals also caters to individuals as well as businesses, providing personalized notebooks and desk tools.

Visuals has already started to expand its reach beyond Jordan, serving clients in Dubai, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

Moving forward, Darwazeh hopes to have a physical space where she can meet her clients face-to-face. She ultimately plans on opening several branches and reaching a wider demographic of customers.

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