UN warns of children fatality ‘explosion’ in Gaza

90% of children under 5 affected by disease

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NEW YORK — The UN has issued a warning that the lack of food, widespread malnutrition, and the rapid spread of diseases in the Gaza Strip could result in an 'explosion' of child fatalities, Khaberni reported. اضافة اعلان

UN agencies have highlighted that food and clean water have become 'extremely rare' in the strip, with nearly all young children affected by infectious diseases.

According to a joint report by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Food Programme (WFP), at least 90 percent of children under five in the strip are impacted by one or more infectious diseases, with 70 percent suffering from diarrhea in the past two weeks, marking a 23-fold increase compared to 2022.

UNICEF's Deputy Executive Director, Ted Chaiban emphasized that Gaza is on the verge of witnessing 'preventable child fatalities', which could worsen the already dire child mortality rates.

The Executive Director of WHO's Health Emergencies Program, Mike Ryan further cautioned that hunger and disease create a 'deadly mix', explaining, "Hungry, vulnerable, and psychologically traumatized children are more susceptible to diseases. Sick children, especially those with diarrhea, cannot absorb nutrients well."

UN assessments revealed that over 15 percent of children under the age of two, or one in six children, suffer from acute malnutrition in northern Gaza, where humanitarian aid is nearly nonexistent. Additionally, they have noted that the data was collected in January, and the current situation is believed to be even more severe.

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