The end of Netanyahu is on the horizon— Israeli researcher

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LONDON— Israeli international researcher and lawyer, Nomi Bar-Yaacov, suggested that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's era may be nearing its end, noting Washington's impatience with Netanyahu and its pursuit of a partnership with alternative leadership in Israel.اضافة اعلان

In a report published by Chatham House, Bar-Yaacov, a fellow at Chatham House's International Security Program, noted that Ramadan was considered an important deadline to reach a ceasefire agreement and deliver aid to Palestinians in Gaza to ease tensions. However, during the State of the Union address on March 7, President Joe Biden announced the construction of a port off the coast of Gaza to aid in delivering assistance to Palestinian civilians. Bar-Yaacov viewed this as an acknowledgment of the failure to achieve a ceasefire and persuading Israel to allow significant humanitarian aid entry by land, Al-Ghad reported.

She emphasized the vast gaps between Hamas and Israel's positions, posing a serious risk of regional escalation. The ongoing war exacerbates the difficulty of addressing the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

However, Bar-Yaacov pointed out that this month may witness potential escalation, as reports of Israeli police preventing Palestinians from accessing Al-Aqsa Mosque last Monday underscored the tensions that could lead to violence. There will also be a need for humanitarian aid and recovery assistance long after a permanent ceasefire is reached.

She pointed out that the crisis in Gaza directly affects the situation in the West Bank. The UN stated that over 400 Palestinians have been killed in the area since October 7, 2023, as a result of Israeli incursions and settler violence. Arrests in the West Bank have increased, and tensions there are also escalating.

Additionally, Bar-Yaacov highlighted the unprecedented visit by Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli War Cabinet, to the US last week, despite Netanyahu's explicit disagreement, noting that it was unprecedented and a clear indication of the Biden administration's anger towards the Israeli Prime Minister.

She added that the most astonishing development is the call by the Majority Leader of the US Senate and highest-ranking elected Jewish official in the US, Charles Schumer, for elections in Israel to replace Netanyahu.

Notably, Bar-Yaacov mentioned that three members of Netanyahu's War Cabinet - Defense Minister Yoav Galant, Gantz, and Gadi Eisenkot - have expressed their intention to compete for the prime minister position, noting that Israelis are ready for change.

In recent polls by Israeli Channel 13 and the Israeli Democracy Institute, about 75 percent expressed a desire to see Netanyahu leave. Even within Netanyahu's party, Likud, there are maneuvers for his replacement, with challenges emerging from the far-right within his coalition. Under these circumstances, the collapse of the coalition and the assumption of power by a new government are only a matter of time.

Bar-Yaacov confirmed that Netanyahu's departure would be a pivotal moment for Israel, the region, and the world. It will provide Israel with a real opportunity to promote new priorities and ideas and to integrate into the region. It will also be a unique opportunity to give momentum to a new peace process.

Bar-Yaacov mentioned that although reaching a ceasefire still seems far off, the US and the Arab world must prepare now for Netanyahu's fall. Arab countries with diplomatic ties to Israel should act sooner rather than later, adding that Netanyahu's departure will be an important opportunity to inject momentum into a permanent ceasefire and a credible peace process, and the world must be prepared to seize the moment to prevent another war and secure peace and stability in the region.

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