Residents of Irbid hear loud explosions from Syria

2. Daraa
(Photo: Jordan News)
Irbid - Residents of Irbid and the border areas of the Ramtha brigade (Al-Tara, Al-Shajara, Amrawa and Al-Dhaiba) heard the sounds of strong explosions that took place last night and continued until morning.اضافة اعلان

According to residents, who live close to the Syrian border, Said they could not sleep due to the intensity of the loud sounds and the fear of shells falling.

Sources told the media that several civilians were wounded as the regime forces resumed shelling with tanks, artillery and ground-to-ground missiles on the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad, including al-Sad and Daraa camp.

The official Syrian news agency (SANA), reported on Thursday, that armed groups disrupted the peace settlement agreement proposed by the Syrian government in Daraa Al-Balad neighborhood, after these groups retreated from implementing conditions they had previously accepted.

Authorities in Daraa have completed all the preparations for the exit of militants who reject the settlement agreement from the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad to the north of Syria.

On July 29, the Syrian army began an operation to eliminate the last outposts of armed groups in the city of Daraa, but combat operations were later suspended in order to conduct negotiations between the two parties, by the Russian military.

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