Jewish Rabbi: Netanyahu is an Infidel

Jewish Rabbi Haim Sofer. (Photo: Twitter/X)
LONDON – Jewish Rabbi Haim Sofer, the dean of the Neturei Karta movement in Britain, called on Russia to intervene and send an army to Gaza to defend it, affirming that Israel has no right to exist, and the Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine. He also stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is an "infidel."اضافة اعلان

According to Khaberni, Sofer said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was "an infidel who eats pork and consumes everything forbidden for Jews.” Adding that “he and his father are infidels," noting that rabbis who speak about the Torah allowing the killing of children and women serve the Zionist cause.

“The Torah does not allow the occupation of Palestine and the Palestinian people. Killing the innocent is a terrible thing and is rejected,” he said.

"We condemn the Gaza massacre, killing 12,000 people, mostly women and children. This is a massacre, and it is the duty of the world, especially Russia and the United States, to send an international army to defend the rights of innocent Palestinians and prevent the continuation of the massacre."

He added, "We welcome the truce, but unfortunately, it is temporary. We heard new threats from the Zionists that they will destroy Gaza. We hope to see the Palestinians in Gaza rebuilding their homes destroyed by Zionist terrorist forces," pointing out that "the majority of Gaza's population are refugees expelled by the Zionists in 1948. We hope the United States implements Resolution 194 for the return of 7 million Palestinians to Palestine."

Sofer emphasized that "Israel has no right to defense and no right to existence. This is written 100% in the Torah," adding, "The Zionist state is part of America. These evangelical Christians support the Zionist state because they believe that if the Jews establish a state in Palestine, the Messiah Jesus will come and convert their Jewish religion to Christianity. This is not a secret. They do not support Zionism because they love the Jews."

He said, "We hope to remove the Zionist state and live as Jews and Muslims in Palestine and everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, there are Zionist Jews who distort the Torah. Success lies in a shared life with the Palestinians," affirming that "translations of the Torah are 100% correct, stating that the establishment of the Zionist state in Palestine is forbidden, and the Lord of the Worlds expelled us from this holy land. We have a divine order to live with Muslims under their protection in peace and coexistence, and it is forbidden to establish a Zionist state in Palestine, America, or Europe."

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