Israeli forces kill dead Palestinian in West Bank ​

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A stun grenade goes off next to Palestinians as Israeli occupation forces approach in Hawara following the killing of a Palestinian youth on December 2, 2022. (Photo: AFP)


HUWARA, Palestinian Territories Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian Friday at point-blank range in the occupied West Bank, in an incident described by a Palestinian official as a quarrel.


A member of the Huwara municipality, Wajeh Odeh, told AFP the shooting followed “a quarrel”.


“An Israeli soldier pushed the Palestinian to the floor and shot him from zero distance,” Odeh said.


Israeli occupation forces carry out regular patrols through the town of Huwara, which straddles the main road south of Nablus in the northern West Bank.


Israel claimed its forces were approached by “several suspects” in the town of Huwara when one “pulled out a knife and stabbed one of them”.


The Palestinian Red Crescent told AFP its medics “were prevented from dealing with a wounded person who was later declared dead”.


The Palestinian news agency Wafa identified the deceased as Ammar Mefleh, 22, from the village of Osrin.


The shooting marks the ninth Palestinian killed by Israeli forces since Tuesday in the West Bank.


The recent surge in Israeli violence in has alarmed the international community.


On Monday, the UN envoy for Middle East peace, Tor Wennesland, warned the situation in the West Bank was “reaching a boiling point”.


At least 145 Palestinians have been killed so far this year.


Israel has occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.


The US representative for Palestinian affairs, Hady Amr, on Wednesday said Washington is “deeply aware of the tragic loss of life” in the Palestinian territories.


In August, Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip killed 49 Gazans in just three days.

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