Israel utilizes specialized AI in attacks on Gaza

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TEL AVIV – On Tuesday, British defense and land warfare analyst, Sam Cranny-Evans stated that Israel has utilized artificial intelligence-based military technologies in its recent attacks on Gaza, Al-Ghad reported. اضافة اعلان

During an interview with Turkish news outlet, Anadolu Agency, Cranny-Evans emphasized that Israel has been working on the development and use of artificial intelligence-based military technologies for quite some time. “Israel employs a technology in artificial intelligence called ‘Gospel’ to expedite the creation of potential targets, in addition to using a system known as ‘Alchemist’”.

He clarified that “Gospel” technology essentially serves as an information hub within the artificial intelligence systems developed by Tel Aviv. Approximately 90 percent of intelligence obtained by Israel is collected in this information hub.

Evans elaborated that artificial intelligence techniques used by the IOF cover a wide range of areas, from conversations with individuals on the ground to signals received from mobile phones, radio devices, and satellite imagery.

“This technology essentially covers all Israeli intelligence information, including the data held by the Shin Bet, responsible for designing, collecting, and decrypting intelligence signals,” he added.

Furthermore, Unit 8200 in the IOF works on identifying people with excellent computer skills and exceptional programming abilities.
“Israel employs a technology in artificial intelligence called ‘Gospel’ to expedite the creation of potential targets, in addition to using a system known as ‘Alchemist’”.
Cranny-Evans also mentioned that another company producing artificial intelligence-based systems for Israel is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli defense company specializing in radical security systems.

He emphasized that all the intelligence information collected is analyzed and utilized to inform both the “Gospel” and “Alchemist” systems. Israel is currently working on integrating all intelligence systems under a single framework. Cranny-Evans believes that the actual implementation may involve combining several algorithms to achieve an all-inclusive result.

However, he stressed the difficulty of completely replacing the human element in this process. He pointed out, “the use and implementation of artificial intelligence recommendations ultimately depend on human decisions.”

The high casualty rates in Gaza are attributed to Israel’s use of artificial intelligence and the execution of recommendations from these technologies.

He emphasized the “need to distinguish between the role of artificial intelligence in war and how Israel manages the war.” However, he also noted that there is “insufficient information on this topic.”

Regarding the efficiency of artificial intelligence, Cranny-Evans stated that “it is challenging to determine the impact of artificial intelligence on Israeli attacks against Hamas.”

He believes that Israel uses artificial intelligence as a tool to assist in locating Hamas elements. Additionally, he thinks that “artificial intelligence is relatively effective in finding and destroying Hamas tunnels.”

In early November, a spokesperson for the IOF acknowledged the use of an artificial intelligence technology called “Gospel” by Tel Aviv. This technology enables “rapid target identification.”

A report published by Israeli news source, +972 Magazine, revealed that this technology was used in the recent Israeli attacks against Gaza, targeting 15,000 objectives within the first 35 days.

Since October 7, the IOF has conducted a devastating war on Gaza, resulting in 20,258 Palestinians killed and 53,688 injured, mostly affecting children and women, as reported by Gaza authorities and the UN.

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