Israel issued evacuation warnings days before the Gaza hospital bombing

The Baptist Hospital (Al Ahli Arab Hospital)
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — The Anglican Church in Jerusalem has revealed that it received multiple warnings from the Israeli authorities to evacuate the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which it oversees. Tragically, the hospital was bombed on Tuesday evening, resulting in the deaths of around 500 people.اضافة اعلان

Archbishop Hosam Elias Naoum, the head of the Anglican Church, made this revelation during a press conference of Jerusalem's churches on Wednesday. He stated, "Since the decision to evacuate the northern part of Gaza to its south, we (the Church) received three evacuation warnings for the hospital on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday." In addition, numerous warnings were conveyed directly to the hospital's directors via phone, Arabi 21 reported.

A massacre and crime against humanity
Naoum described the events as a "massacre and a crime against humanity," underscoring the fact that people sought refuge in the hospital during the intense aerial bombardment due to its long-standing neutrality since its establishment 130 years ago. He affirmed that the hospital would reopen later to provide crucial healthcare services to civilians during these trying times.

6,000 civilians, predominantly women and children
More than 6,000 civilians, predominantly women and children, had sought shelter in the hospital after being compelled to leave their homes.

Naoum called for an end to the war, an immediate cessation of hostilities in Gaza, and the establishment of secure passages for civilians.

The bombing of the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, attributed to the Israeli occupation, has prompted outrage both regionally and globally. Meanwhile, Israel is attempting to distance itself from the incident.

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