Human Rights Watch: America complicit in Israeli war crimes

gaza ambulance
(Photo: Twitter/X)
NEW YORK – Human Rights Watch said that the United States risks "complicity in war crimes" by continuing to supply Israel with weapons and providing "diplomatic cover" while it commits "atrocities" in Gaza, according to Amad Media quoting the British newspaper The Guardian.اضافة اعلان

This came in a statement issued by the organization's director at the United Nations, Louis Charbonneau, after the United States obstructed a draft resolution submitted by the UAE to the Security Council, calling for an "immediate ceasefire in Gaza for humanitarian reasons."

Charbonneau said, "The right of veto used by the United States prevented the Council from taking some of the appeals advocated by Washington itself, including compliance with international humanitarian law, protection of civilians, and the release of all civilians held as hostages."

He confirmed that by "continuing to supply Israel with weapons and providing diplomatic support while it commits atrocities, including collective punishment of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the United States is risking complicity in war crimes."

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