France imposes entry ban on extremist Israeli settlers

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PARIS – On Wednesday, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement that it will impose a ban on the entry of Israeli settlers into its territories, Amad Media reported.اضافة اعلان

The ministry explained, “France will take measures to impose an administrative ban on the entry of Israeli settlers who are extremist and guilty of committing acts of violence against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank, and these measures require national action as a priority to identify the potential persons and collect information in order to assemble a legal framework.”

Discussions concerning this ban emerged in early December 2023, when the spokeswoman for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anne-Claire Legendre, stated that France is working to impose sanctions on Israeli settlers and discussing them with partners in the European Union.

The ministry pointed out that France supports the adoption of sanctions across Europe, stressing that France “strongly condemns the settlement policy”, which is illegal.

The ministry also shared this sentiment for Palestinian lands, “we call on the Israeli authorities to abandon the decisions taken to expand settlements in Palestinian territories.” They stated that this delays the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state, which is the only possible solution for Israel and Palestine to live in peace and security in their territories.

The French Foreign Ministry has repeatedly condemned Israeli attacks on civilians in Gaza, as well as the actions of Israeli settlers in the West Bank. France called on Israel to “take the necessary measures to immediately stop these unacceptable attacks and protect civilians, which is its responsibility as an occupying state.”

The ministry stressed that the international community “can play a role in stopping this violence, which undermines the chances of reaching a peaceful settlement.”

According to a statement from the Élysée, French President, Emmanuel Macron, spoke on the phone with Israeli Minister, Benny Gantz, and “emphasized the need to avoid any escalation, especially in Lebanon.” This comes after the recent Israeli drone strike that targeted Hamas offices in Beirut and resulted in the assassination of Hamas senior official, Saleh Al-Arouri.

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