A quarter of Gaza's population is homeless

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — According to the most recent statistics, a quarter of the population of the Gaza Strip is homeless. According to the statistics by the United Nations office, Palestinians have been dispersed between staying with relatives and in shelters. اضافة اعلان

As besieged Gaza enters its tenth day, there has been extensive damage, including 14 schools that have been closed to severe damage from Israeli bombing, while 143 schools in Gaza Strip have suffered varying degrees of damage, Al-Mamlaka reported. However, it is to note that these wretched the latest numbers of October 15, 2023.

Meanwhile, it is also report that Israeli has bombed 2,185 buildings and structures, including 8,840 residential units "completely", while 83,750 residential units were partially damaged, of which 5,434 units are uninhabitable, according to the office.

UN stated that the current damage assessments are "preliminary and estimated, and they are for areas where government teams have been able to access." However, "large areas have not been reached due to intense bombing and the direct targeting of crews by the occupation."

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