Jordanians celebrate Royal wedding embracing heritage and traditions

(Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The official celebrations of the Royal wedding of HRH Crown Prince Hussein and Miss Rajwa Khaled Al-Saif have filled Jordanians with joy and excitement. اضافة اعلان

This momentous occasion has brought to life the essence of Jordanian heritage, as customs and traditions that adorn Jordanian weddings are showcased, highlighting the nation's collective identity.

The spirit of the Jordanian people resounded through the air during the wedding festivities.

Mesmerizing poetry, enchanting melodies, and jubilant songs echoed the joy and pride of the nation. Jordanians from all corners of the country rejoiced, embracing their rich customs and noble traditions.

In every corner of Jordan, the people continued to express their exultation, embracing their rich customs and noble traditions.

The Royal family, cognizant of the significance of these heritage practices, sought to emphasize and elevate them within the Royal wedding. In doing so, they shared this joyous occasion with every son and daughter of Jordan, knowing that this national celebration belonged to all and evoked happiness in the hearts of every Jordanian.

This embodiment of Jordanian popular heritage in the royal wedding is evident from the gift of the traditional embroidered headscarf (Shemagh) presented to Crown Prince Hussein by the honorable lady Turfa Al-Abidat from the town of "Hartha" in the northern Bani Kinanah District.

It is also reflected in an enchanting Jordanian night of celebration, where comrades in arms came together to commemorate the forthcoming union of the Crown Prince, creating a joyous atmosphere.

The Jordanian heritage was even demonstrated through the henna ceremony for the bride-to-be, Miss Rajwa, which was held at the Zahran Palace by Her Majesty Queen Rania. In addition, HRH Prince Omar bin Faisal hosted a traditional bath ceremony for the groom at his father’s residence.

The festivities culminated in a grand feast "Al-Qirah", hosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II at the Madareb Bani Hashem in the Royal Hashemite Court, where guests from all regions of the kingdom were honored on this cherished occasion.

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