LIVE UPDATES: Royal wedding celebrations commence

(Photo: Royal Court)
AMMAN —  Join Jordan News for the latest on Jordan’s Royal wedding between HRH Crown Prince Hussein and Miss Rajwa Al-Saif. اضافة اعلان

Thousands of Jordanians have gathered on the side of the road from Zahran Palace and across the Kingdom in preparation for the joyous ceremony.

Follow along for the most recent updates below with starting with the latest.

HRH Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa cut wedding cakeAfter an exciting wedding reception filled with dancing, the newly wed couple cut their wedding cake amongst a crowd of cheering attendees. 

Following the cake cutting a show of organic fireworks is set to launch. 

Following the main reception, the wedding banquet, also at Al-Husseiniya Palace, will be attended by members of the Royal Hashemite Family, foreign and Arab heads of states, and high-ranking officials. 

It will combine the formalities and diplomatic aspects of a state banquet with the joyous celebration and traditions of a wedding ceremony.

Newly weds arrive at Al-Husseiniya Palace, wedding reception beginsThe Red Motorcade has arrived at Al-Husseiniya Palace. As is customary, the arrival of the bride and groom, HRH Crown Prince Hussein and HRH Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein, was announced with a Zaffeh, a lively musical procession featuring drums, bagpipes, singing, and clapping. 

The newlyweds were led to the outdoor reception courtyard led by a military Zaffeh performed by the Jordan Armed Forces Musical Band, renowned for its rousing performances at national celebrations, state visits, and military ceremonies. 

All band members are wearing the traditional red and white Shemagh, a traditional headdress for men, in addition to their full-dress uniform.

After passing through the honorary Arch of Sabers, the couple proceeded through the courtyard amidst a traditional Jordanian Zaffeh, toward the greeting stage. 

On the stage, the bride and groom were joined by Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania, as well as the bride's parents, to greet over 1,700 guests.

Red Motorcade parade commences After the highly anticipated signing of the wedding contract, the Red Motorcade commenced.

HRH Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa sat in a 1984 convertible Range Rover. 

The royal procession will traverse several streets in the capital, Amman, starting from Zahran Palace to the Husseiniya Palace, where thousands of Jordanians and residents will have the opportunity to participate in the celebration along the procession route.

The appearance of the Red Motorcade dates back to the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and has since become a distinctive symbol of Jordanian national occasions.

The Motorcade consists of eight bright red armed land rover vehicles and 11 motorcycles, but on special occasions, horse and camel riders join the lineup and the Jordan Armed Forces Musical Band plays military music on bagpipes.

The Land Rovers and motorcycles cordon the main motorcade vehicle.

Princess title bestowed A Royal Decree has been issued to bestow the title of Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein on Miss Rajwa Khalid Alseif, according to the Royal Hashemite Court.

HRH Crown Prince Hussein officially ties the knotDuring the ceremony, the bride and groom, along with two witnesses, signed the marriage contract. One of the witnesses is HRH Prince El Hassan.

The distinguished Royal Hashemite Court Imam, Dr Ahmed Al-Khalaileh, who assumed his role in January 2021, presided over the ceremony. With wisdom derived from the Quran, and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), he emphasized the sanctity and significance of marriage.

Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, several women expressed their happiness through Zaghrata (ululation), a traditional vocal expression of jubilation commonly heard during Jordanian and Arab celebrations. 

The newly weds also began to greet the attending guests.

Islamic wedding ceremony commencesMiss Rajwa Al-Saif arrives at the gazebo and is welcomed by a huge round of applause.

A group of Jordanian influencers have gathered outside Zaharan Palace to share this joy, Jordan New’s Dana Al-Zyadat noted. 

Songs and celebratory car horns could be heard from outside the palace, Zyadat added. 

Miss Rajwa Al-Saif arrives at Zahran Palace for the Islamic wedding ceremonyMiss Rajwa was escorted by the Crown Prince's younger brother, Prince Hashem, and his younger sister, Princess Salma.

She arrived in a custom-made vehicle, which originally belonged to Her Majesty the late Queen Zein Al-Sharaf, HRH’s Crown Prince Hussein’s great grandmother and a former resident of Zahran palace until her passing in 1994:  the iconic Zahran Palace in a 1968 Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

Prince Hashem walked Miss Rajwa Alseif towards the gazebo, where the Islamic marriage ceremony commenced. 

Miss Rajwa Al-Saif dons an elegant white dress with a long veil as Princess Iman helps her proceed to the Gazebo.

Islamic wedding ceremony Heavy media presence both local and international, was reported at the scene of the celebrations awaiting the start of the Red Motorcade and the Islamic marriage ceremony known as a “katb ktab”.

Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania have arrived at Zahran Palace to attend the "katb ktab" ceremony.

Currently, there are 140 guests that will be in attendance for this special occasion. 

Her Majesty Queen Rania is sporting a long black dress with elegant silver embroidery on the sleeves and back. 

Guests have begun to arrive at Zahran Palace, and among them are the family of Miss Rajwa Al-Saif.

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal has also arrived at “katb ktab” ceremony. 

Among the officials and royals who have arrived are England’s Prince William and Princess Kate in a private car and US first lady Jill Biden and her daughter. 

Hisako Princess of Takamado from Japan has also arrived with her daughter Tsugoko. HRH Princess Iman and her Husband Mr Jameel Thermiotis also arrived 

With the Jordanian Armed Forces Musical Band performing, Crown Prince Hussein arrives after much-anticipation, marking the beginning of a momentous event.

His Majesty accompanied by the Crown Prince, made their way to a gazebo situated in the Palace's garden, where the ceremony is scheduled to unfold. 

Celebrations abound across the Kingdom From streets to apartment windows, Jordanian flags can be seen all across the country as excitement grips citizens, young and old. As part of these celebratory vibes, many Jordanian families have set up booths decorated with balloons and the official logo of the wedding, “Celebrating Al Hussein”. 

In these booths, families are distributing chocolates, dates, and coffee to capitalize on the festive spirit. 

Samar Hanna, a Jordanian citizen who was running one of these booths, told Jordan News, “We have waited for this for a long time, and this is a wedding for all Jordanians.” 

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