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May 22 2022 4:46 PM ˚
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iPhone 13, least innovated on but still worth it

The iPhone 13 lineup features extended battery life, 144Hz screen refresh rate,1Tb storage capacity, enhanced camera capabilities, and a clean minimalist design. (Photo: Apple)
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Let’s be clear — by this point, Apple’s new iPhone releases follow a standardized formula. Basic models, for users coming new into the Apple ecosystem, “Pro” or professional versions, for longstanding users who inhabit the “Apple bubble”, and “Minis” for those looking for a more affordable optics upgrade at the cost of some functionality within the phone.اضافة اعلان

The iPhone 13 has seen diminishing returns on its upgrades over the last few models. In fact, the iPhone 13 is clearly the least innovated and improved on iPhone to date, according to many on the internet.

However, Apple must be given credit where credit is due — its clean minimalistic redesign, enhanced camera capabilities, and the new and improved iOS experience, along with many new and smaller upgrades to the phone, makes it an upgrade worth having for Apple users who want to ensure they always own the latest version that is in vogue.

New storage sizes

Apple’s storage options have changed little from the iPhone “X” or ten to the 12; however, with the release of the iPhone 13, users are now able to obtain the much-rumored and long-coveted one Terabyte of storage.

iPhone 13 “Pro” (Photo: Apple)

The iPhone 13 “Pro” and “Pro Max” will feature this new storage capacity, which is a massive upgrade over the previous 512 GB storage cap. This comes as no surprise however, as continuous improvements and growth in the size of apps, as well as improvement in the quality and size of photo and video files, take up ever more precious storage capacity on users’ phones.

While cloud storage has always been an option, many have lately been turning to Android phones due to the ease of storage capacity expansion, and for ease of extraction of data files using MicroSD’s.

It most definitely is worth the extra couple hundred JDs to upgrade to the “Pro” or even a “Pro Max”, just for the doubling of storage capacity.

Smaller notches, bulkier build, camera layout changes

Every member of the iPhone 13 lineup is slightly larger, heavier, and features smaller earpiece speaker notches on the top of the phone compared to the previous generation. The iPhone Mini is 5.4 inches tall, the stock and Pro models are 6.1 inches tall, and the Pro Max is 6.7 inches tall, an entire 0.4 inches taller than the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 Mini has a slight change to its camera layout; going against the traditional vertical camera layout, Apple has decided to place the Mini’s cameras side by side horizontally, something that is considered a long and forgotten practice. There are no currently known downsides of having the cameras positioned that way, other than allowing everyone to easily distinguish a mini from the larger models.

The 144hz refresh rate has arrived

Something that was considered the norm among fans of Android, the 144hz screen refresh rate, hasn’t been seen on an iPhone — until now.
Through the improved refresh rate, users will experience a snappier and smoother response to their actions on screen, in addition to an enhanced media viewing experience.

For those that are into mobile gaming, NVIDIA back in 2018 published a report that did in fact confirm that higher frame rates impact performance positively — so for those highly competitive gamers who own an iPhone, the upgrade may improve their chances of outperforming their opponents.

The reason behind the previous generation not featuring 60hz, according to Apple, was twofold — the lack of available materials that would have allowed Apple to ship the desired number of units on time, and patenting issues that they thankfully settled in early 2021.

Super charged

According to Apple, the iPhone 13 will feature a significantly longer lasting battery, which according rumor will extend battery life by 15 to 20 percent.
This comes as a result of a threefold upgrade — a new larger battery, the A15 chip, which brings along with it optimization of overall battery usage for the device, and the new display which uses less battery power overall compared to the 12.

iPhone 12 (Photo: Apple)

Based on official statistics, the iPhone Mini will hold enough charge to allow users 17 to 19 hours of media playback, 22 hours for the Pro, and 28 hours for the Pro Max, before it would require charging.


Just like with its previous releases, Apple has stuck close to their usual pricing structure, pricing the Mini at JD500, the standard model at JD570, the Pro at JD710 and the Pro Max at JD780.

Overall, if you’re looking to upgrade from the iPhone 12, best stick to the standard version unless you’re ready to spend JD200 or more for the Pro or Pro Max versions. The Pro features the 1 TB storage capacity, making it more attractive than the Pro Max as value for money.

The Mini is a solid entry point to the 13 lineup as it also features the new A15 chip, extended battery life and the 144 HZ refresh rate.

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