The Weekly App Roundup Smart TVs, Apple Music, and the iWork Suite

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(Photo: Apple Music website)
Zeroing in on Apple’s attempt to horizontally integrate its services with alternate platforms, namely their music app with the PS5 and LG smart televisions. We will also glance into Apple’s new Music Streaming budget plan and its continued game of catch-up with Windows through optimizations and improvements to their business apps. اضافة اعلان

LG Smart TVs to feature Apple Music

While screen mirroring has been a feature for a quite a while now, many televisions lacked native for smartphone applications. Samsung was one of the first smart television companies to begin to adopt various Android and iOS apps into its ecosystem, with LG now following suit with Apple Music.
For those who do not own an iPhone, this gives access to a host of new podcasts, radio stations, and more than 90 million songs that they previously may not have had access too. 

While Spotify was added to the LG smart television ecosystem a while ago, the differences between the two are quite significant in terms of listener’s value, and with both now being available on LG, it is guaranteed that nothing will be missed by beloved music fans of varying tastes.

Apple Music joins the gaming scene

We’ve all been there — blasting away at our favorite game for hours on end.
Most players, especially when playing video games where sound does not particularly enhance the atmosphere of the game, prefer to play their own music to fine-tune their experience.

Apple Music, just like Spotify, has taken notice and released their app on the PlayStation 5, Sony’s latest gaming console. As expected, if you were to subscribe to Apple Music from your device, it’s a seamless transition over to the PlayStation, with your account holding your coveted playlists and subscriptions. 

As far as offline listening goes, Apple has confirmed that all functionality that is present on traditional smartphone devices will be active on the PlayStation counterpart as well.

Best of all — linking your Apple Music to your PlayStation is as easy as scanning a QR code from your Apple device. Should you not have one, a generic login page with a simplified account creation process is available as well.

Apple begins offers cheaper alternative to Apple Music plan

For those who are always looking for more bang for their buck, Apple is offering a cheaper subscription plan, counter to their $9.99 plan, called Apple Music Voice.

The new subscription plan offers a cheaper subscription model for its users at a fantastic 50 percent discount — with a catch.

Users who choose to save a couple of JDs per month will no longer be able to manually select music that they want to play.

Instead, users can only communicate with Siri by directly asking for music on demand. In other words, it is essentially identical to the Music app, but operates only through pure voice control.

The layout of the new feature will be an entirely stripped-down version of the Music app, with a scratch-nav as well as a brief recommendations list still available for listeners. Extended lists of music, playlists, and other features that would typically be found on Spotify or Apple Music have been removed to compensate for the lower price.

Apple adds new features to iWork Suite

For the uninitiated, iWork has been Apple’s attempt to boost value to their business centric users. Typically, this consisted of Windows counterparts to Excel, Word and PowerPoint, with some additional features only available in the iOS environment.

Keynote, PowerPoint’s little brother, got a feature similar to Zoom’s — recording presenters.  

Just like with Zoom, a restyling option will be available to remove, alter or smudge the background of the user according to their needs. 
Pages is also getting a revamp. Text enlargement and enlarged imagery will be some of the accessibility features that are coming to simplify usage for those who need it. 

Numbers has added pivot tables and radar charts, both of which are incredibly useful for summarizing groups of data and re-arranging them according to the needs of the user. As mentioned previously, many of these features have been available on the desktop windows counterpart — making it a welcome addition for all Apple users across the board. 

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