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The best laptops of 2022 for every kind of user

While desktops are still the most reliable in terms of long-term operations, the portability of laptops has become pivotal. (Photo: Envato Elements)
Over the last decade, laptops have seen some incredible innovation in terms of their raw power, memory, screen sizes, and more importantly, their bang for your buck ratios. اضافة اعلان

While desktops are still the most reliable in terms of long-term operations, we at Jordan News believe that portability has become pivotal.

Laptops have also become a big hit due to the price hike that we have seen on a wide variety of the most up to date graphic cards; in fact, in some cases, it’s possible to find laptops for the price of a single graphic card — as exemplified by the latest GTX 30 series.

As a result, we compiled a definitive guide for all your laptop needs for every kind of user to ensure that you’re all set for this year.

HP Envy 13: The budget friendly

For those of you that aren’t looking to break the bank in pursuit of a portable device, the HP Envy 13 is by far one of the best laptops available in the market right now. The laptop features an integrated Iris XE graphic card, and packs a relatively powerful punch as it’s able to render video or play modern AAA games at low settings.

Its screen lies at a serviceable 13.3 inches with a 1080p display and is able to produce vivid displays with exceptional brightness to boot.

In terms of power, the Envy has gotten an upgrade from its predecessor, now featuring an 11th gen Core i5 CPU, which greatly impacts the overall smoothness of operations even when multitasking. The device also features 16 gigabytes of RAM, 256GB of SSD memory, and boasts over 11 hours of battery life when under moderate use — so readers who prefer to work in alternating locations are sure to appreciate.

Unfortunately, the laptop did have to cut corners in order to ensure a lower cost to the end consumer; its touchpad is entirely plastic and feels quite weak, and its overall design is simple and to the point, lacking any unique or outstanding features.

However, it’s absolutely phenomenal however considering that the device itself costs around JD480 as of the time of writing this article making it definitely worthy for those worried about their budget.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15: The monster

While HP Envy was the frugal one, the Zephyrus is an outright beast in terms of performance, design, and more importantly cost.

Featuring the latest RTX 3080 and housing a massive 1TB SSD under the hood, this laptop is a powerhouse and comparable to only a few others in the market right now.

The Zephyrus screen sits at 15.6 inches and offers a 1440p display which looks stunning on its smaller screen. The CPU is AMD’s latest Ryzen 9 5900HS which offers turbocharged performance no matter what you’re doing throughout your day.

However, what helps this laptop stay ahead of the curve is its battery life. During a battery stress test, the laptop clocked a staggering eight hours from absolute peak charge to zero. In other words, were you to moderately use the laptop, it should be able to push through the 10-hour mark. This is unheard of from heavy-duty laptops such as this one and is therefore definitely worth your money if you like to game on the go.

The Zephyrus G15 isn’t cheap. Coming at the price of JD1,950, this is definitely not a laptop that you want to get if you’re simply looking to punch out a couple of documents every once in a while. However, if you’re interested power overall, this monster of a laptop will definitely last you a good while before running into anything it’s can’t handle.

HP Spectre X360 14: For fan of using a pen

HP has taken the 2-in-1 concept of the foldable laptop and decided that it was in a dire need of remodeling — so they upgraded the chassis to resemble a luxurious design bound to make heads turn.

The laptop itself features a gorgeous OLED and FHD display option for its users, giving the opportunity for those that enjoy their media on the go to enjoy the movies in pristine visual acuity.

As mentioned, the laptop can be converted into a touch tablet with HP pen functionality, giving those that are in the design field something to look forward to.

The 16GB ram that comes with the laptop is relatively standard by modern-day metrics, however during our testing, the laptop is able to withstand several degrees of multi-tasking at once without ever feeling like it’s over-cumbered. Last but not least the laptop is able to perform at maximum capacity for nine straight hours, which is a definite plus in our books.

While it’s not the cheapest in comparison to our lineup, with prices starting at JD1,100, this laptop is by far one of the more premium-feeling laptops out of its portable 2-1 competitors.

The metal finish along with the smooth clicks of each key press make the Spectre feel far more expensive than it actually is. So, it is definitely a noteworthy addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet: A laptop under JD250  

You read that right — Lenovo has come out with a laptop that is currently priced at around JD220 and offers a fantastic opportunity for those that are looking to get a secondary device, or potentially even a first device for their children.

The Chromebook duet is an astounding piece of hardware for its price point, especially if you take into consideration its slick and minimalistic design. The laptop features a vibrant 10.1 inch display, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage which is minimal, but absolutely serviceable for everyday use for media consumption or general browsing.

The laptop weighs just under 800 grams making it an incredibly light device that takes up minimal space in your bag while you’re on the go.

Additionally, it features seven hours of battery runtime during stress tests, meaning that users using this for responding to emails or setting up a presentation or two, the device would last well above the 13-hour mark throughout your workday.

The best part? The laptop folds and has a pen that can be used in order to draw, take notes or simply doodle when you’re looking for inspiration.

Overall, this laptop is an absolute must-have if you’re running on an extreme budget and are simply looking for a device that will fulfil an everyday laymen’s needs.

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