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The Weekly App Roundup: The health fanatic edition

Fitness+ will now feature a Collections tab, where you will find an amalgamation of challenges and workouts. (Photos: Apple)
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Welcome to yet another weekly App roundup! Today our weekly roundup is going to be a little different — as it is a new year, and we’re sure that most of you have made it your new year’s resolution to get back to a healthier lifestyle (no thanks to COVID-19 keeping us indoors) we’re compiling a list of the most up to date and useful workout apps out there. اضافة اعلان

Jordan News hopes that your resolutions come true this year; therefore, we figured we would help you get a jump start!

Strava — training analytics tool

Strava is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to workout apps; however, unlike others, it is more focused on recording your performance on the track, most notably cycling and running, than actually outlining routines for you to perform.

Screenshots from the Strava application. (Photo: Strava website) 

The app allows you to record your activity in terms of paths taken, kilometers jogged or ran, your training performance contrasted against past performance, and the most recent challenges available in featured cities.

One of the more unique features of the app is that it doubles down as a form of keeping in touch with your friends and colleagues, except this time in the form of comparing personal bests, routes taken, and other challenges that you and your friends can participate in against each other. 

This is even further extended through the utilization of groups, where if you have a large pool of friends that actively enjoy jogging, biking, or hiking, you can create a group-wide activity sheet that not only acts as a tracklist of your group’s performance over time as it would for the individual, but also gives you the opportunity to show off to other groups within the same region.

Strava also has a couple of nifty tools, including an elevation measurement map, a weather feature that takes natural surroundings into account to measure your performance more accurately, and even a route-planner which works similarly to google maps, with the added benefit of planning the most effective route for you based on what type of workout you plan on doing.

Overall, Strava is a solid addition to any of you that love your workouts outdoors rather than in a huddled gym and is a fantastic addition to any workoutholic’s smartphone.

Apple’s Fitness + Collections

For those of you that are Apple enthusiasts and own an Apple device, we have awesome news: Fitness+ will now feature a Collections tab, wherein you will find an amalgamation of challenges and workouts.

The trick behind collections is that it takes an already existing library of over 2,000 workouts from Fitness+ and combines them to create long-lasting sessions that sometimes span up to a month-long — all curated to your specific needs.

On January 10, the following collections became available:

30-Day Core Challenge
Improve Your Posture with Pilates
Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses
Run Your First 5K
Strengthen Your Back, Stretch Your Hips
Wind Down for a Better Bedtime

While Apple has promised to devise more collections over time, but these six workout sections alone are enough to keep you entertained till they finally decide to do so.

The best part — this is entirely free and only requires users to update their iPhone to the latest version.


Whether you love him or not, Chris Hemsworth is definitely a fan of the gym, and it shows.

He is such a fan to the point he actually launched his own fitness app, Centr, which seeks to help people become the “God of Thunder” as the app proclaims in reference to his famous character in the Marvel series.

Centr is a fitness application launched by Chris Hemsworth. (Photo: Centr) 

While on the surface, the app may appear to be relatively commonplace, with a variety of workouts offered the moment you launch it, it in fact, is far more than your average workout builder.

Along with the workouts, you get an entire selection of meal plans catered to different demographics, including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and even pescatarian options. All recipes on the platform were developed by world-class chefs and have a built-in shopping list function to ensure that creating the dishes is a breeze.

20 new workouts are uploaded to the platform every week, ranging from 20–40 minute sessions that each have a variety of purposes: fat burning, HIIT, cardio, isolations, and others. It doesn’t hurt that each workout is briefed to a tee, meaning that no matter how much of a rookie you are, this app is bound to become your go-to gym bible.

It is important to note that the app isn’t exactly cheap — it costs $30 a month; therefore, it is mostly catered towards those genuinely seeking quality over the hundreds of apps available on the App store.

That being said, the app caters to a wide variety of demographics, leading us to say for sure that Centr is one of the more superior apps in the health department.


Last but not least on our list is Sworkit, a workout app made with your time in mind. The app has been extremely well received on the Appstore, receiving some 25 thousand positive reviews.

Sworkit specializes in utilizing the fact that the modern-day person has an extremely tight schedule and is designed to utilize whatever time you have to build the most robust workout. Whether it’s 30 minutes or five, through the use of its clever algorithm, the app can quickly select a workout based on your location, what equipment you have on hand, what your overall goals are, and the amount of time that you are planning to invest into the workout.

With over 100 million approved workouts on the platform, it is safe to say that the app features a little bit of something for everyone. And the best part of it all is that our aforementioned tracking app, Starva, easily integrates with Sworkit to give you a more holistic view of your progress throughout your fitness journey.

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