TikTok moves into alternate markets, Snapchat’s latest Story Studio update

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Welcome to yet another weekly roundup where we discuss everything happening in the ever-evolving app world.

This week we’re seeing TikTok make massive strides towards diversifying themselves into new markets and its latest growth into the most used platform in the world, a review of Strava, and Snapchat’s latest launch of Story Studio for those that are looking for a more refined video editing experience. اضافة اعلان

TikTok: Going where no short-video platform has gone before

There is no denying that TikTok’s popularity amongst the younger generations has exploded over the course of the pandemic.

However, what if we told you that TikTok is now officially more used than Google?

That’s right — as of December 25, TikTok was officially ranked above Google in terms of engagement and times used per day per person around the world — making TikTok the most used platform in the world.

However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering numerous articles around the web have discussed in detail just how manipulative TikTok’s algorithm really is, as it uses timed dopamine hits through alternating between videos that are most relevant to you and those that are less relevant.

However, TikTok seems to have realized that no application rules forever and after the overtaking of Google they announced that they are now going into the food and beverage industry.

TikTok now serving trends

You heard that right — TikTok has launched a delivery-only service that seeks to prepare meals that are inspired by trends on the app.

The concept is being handled by Virtual Dining Concepts, a company that has recently assisted several YouTubers in launching their food concepts all across the West. Interestingly enough, a portion of the revenues generated by the sales of these food items will be redirected back to the TikTok influencers that created the trend to begin with, giving an additional income-making opportunity for up-and-coming macro-influencers.

However, TikTok has stated that this isn’t a long-term arrangement. In a press release TikTok has mentioned that this campaign seeks to further accelerate the growth of the platform around the West.

While it’s entirely plausible, it seems a bit odd that there were also confirmations of an expansion plan for the restaurant lineup, increasing from 300 outlets to 1,000 by late 2022.

Speaking of long-term plans, however…

TikTok officially launched a Twitch competitor

Streaming has become the bread and butter to those that are looking to engage with content in real-time. Whether it be YouTube, Twitch, or dozens of the other alternatives available all around the web, it is evident that this isn’t just a fad but in fact, a phenomena that is here to stay, and will develop even further.

Twitch has been a long-time running streaming platform that specializes in video games. Gamers from all around the world are given a world stage to perform on, attracting onlookers and giving streamers the opportunity to make a sizeable living through subscriptions, donations, and general viewership.

Twitch is so big in fact that it generated $96.8 million over the second quarter of 2021.

TikTok has taken notice of this and has decided to launch their own little streaming platform. As of the writing of this article, TikTok’s game streaming app is being tested with a selected audience and will enable streamers to stream their games directly unto the TikTok platform.

“TikTok Live Studio” as it’s currently known, is able to record, stream, and retain videos of past recordings on the platform akin to its Twitch rival. Additionally, it will supports smartphone recording.

So, for those that have been finding success in streaming for the ever-growing mobile game market, TikTok looks like the next big place to be.

While the current iteration seems to be rudimentary, with minimal video editing and setup options available, given TikTok’s rampant growth across the globe, the launch of the streaming service isn’t a question of if but more a question of when.

Snapchat ‘Story Studio’

Let’s step away from TikTok for a moment and take a look a long-time favorite messenger for many, Snapchat.

Video editing software has grown in popularity and platforms that enable you to launch bite-sized content have increased with many rising and falling over the course of the last couple of years.

Seeing the opportunity to establish itself as the leader in the space, Snapchat has released its own video editing software called Story Studio, and it’s currently available as a standalone app on the iOS store.

Unlike traditional video editing software, Story Studio allows for significantly enhanced modifications of videos. Not only does Story Studio feature a hefty number of tools, is also gives users the ability to create their own augmented reality (AR) filters — a trend that has seen an uprising on platforms such as TikTok. It’s important to note however that AR filters created on Story Studio will not be applicable to TikTok.

Snapchat isn’t done quite yet; the current iteration available on iOS is only a baseline version. The Snapchat spokespeople confirmed that the platform will be continuously worked on throughout 2022, bringing in more options and tools for its users. It appears that Snapchat has acknowledged the rise in vertical video use proliferating throughout its various competitor’s platforms and seeks to establish itself as one of the leaders in the space.

Unfortunately for Android users, no word has been given about the Android version as of yet. However, it is highly likely that we are see one as early as mid-2022.

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