Play 3arabi: From global to local

One of Play 3arabi’s most popular projects, Syouf Al Majd. (Photo: Handout from Play 3arabi)
One of Play 3arabi’s most popular projects, Syouf Al Majd. (Photo: Handout from Play 3arabi)
AMMAN – Leading some of the “fastest-growing online gaming communities” in the world, game publishers in the Middle East use game localization to gain new audiences, adapt games to cultural contexts, and generate revenue for developers. اضافة اعلان

And in Jordan, Play 3arabi (Play Arabic) is heading the Kingdom’s game-publishing industry.

In 2014, Joseph Shomali and Ahmed Alsafar co-founded Play 3arabi with a goal to bridge gaps in games that target Arab audiences.

“We focus on games that fit the region and the persona of the gamers from the region,” Shomali told Jordan News in a recent interview. Describing the average Arab gamer as being social and competitive, he said Play 3arabi targets gamers who are in their twenties and above.

When they choose a game to license, Shomali and Alsafar consider whether its interface and story complement Arab culture. Once they find that a game is fitting, they communicate with its creators and developers to begin the localization process.

“In addition to text, writing, and music, we include Arabic locations, Arab characters, and familiar visuals, so that when the product is released, the gamer believes it is made for the Arab world,” said Shomali, citing Syouf Al Majd (Swords of Glory), one of their most popular projects from 2017, as an example.

What mainly sets Play 3arabi apart from other game publishers is the fact that it is loyal to Arab culture, according to Shomali.

“We support Arab heritage around the world when we use entertainment to promote Arab culture,” said Shomali. “Everyone who works with Arabic content has a responsibility to promote and support Arab legacy.”

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