Oppo X5 Pro : A legend all around

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When Oppo unveiled the Find X3 Pro, its design was, to say the least, unexpected. The single pane of mirrored glass on the back curved up, around, and over the camera module. This stood out to the crowd. اضافة اعلان

There is no such surprise this time, as the Find X5 Pro is a case of refinement rather than reinvention, not just in terms of design. The majority of the phone's specifications are half-steps ahead of Oppo's 2021 flagship but tweaks and improvements are just enough to justify the update.

Smooth to the touch, music to the ears

The most noticeable update is the newly angled camera module. This is not just a change for the sake of change; the angle is intended to better suit where users rest their index finger on the phone's back.

It not only provides a comfortable place to rest your finger, but it also prevents it from blocking and smudging your camera lenses. A minor change, but one that has a significant impact on how the phone feels in the hand, with the weight of the camera and the upper part of the phone now resting comfortably.

Oppo's other major change is more significant, a switch to a ceramic rear. This change has made the Find X5 Pro quite heavy at 218g.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, though the phone will undoubtedly feel too bulky for some — as it contributes to the phone feeling especially premium in the hand. It is worth noting that, while the two colors are Glaze Black and Ceramic White, both — not just the white model — use ceramic.

The ceramic finish should be more durable than most glass finishes, though it is just as bad at picking up fingerprints. Meanwhile, Gorilla Glass Victus protects the display, and an IP68 rating means it should be resistant to most dust and water damage.


The Find X5 Pro is on the larger side of Android flagships at 6.7in, but the specs are hard to beat: a WQHD+ LTPO AMOLED with variable refresh rate from 1–120Hz and HDR support.

In other words, it is a detailed, high-resolution display with excellent color coverage and contrast, and it has a variable refresh rate that provides both super smooth animations and excellent battery optimization.

As you would expect from the flagship, stereo speakers are included, and they are not bad. Of course, their bass output is limited, but the sound is crisp, clear, and never muddled, making this more than adequate for watching YouTube or listening to music if you do not have a speaker nearby.

Under the hood

The Find X5 Pro is primarily powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, the company's most recent flagship.

If you are a multi-tasking power user or a serious mobile gamer, this is still one of the most powerful phones on the market, therefore making this phone a perfect addition to your arsenal.

Oppo has decided to only offer one version of the phone, so whether you like it or not, you will get 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage — and with no microSD support, that storage is not expandable either.

Of course, 5G is supported, and the dual-SIM slot allows you to use two 5G SIM cards simultaneously (or one card and one eSIM).

Battery: Short Runtime, faster charges

The Find X5 Pro’s sheer size affords Oppo the chance to include a capacious 5000mAh battery. Still, with the high specs included the phone can burn through that faster than you might think, so this is still a phone that will need a charge every day.

With light use, you might be able to stretch it further, but for the most part, you will probably only get one day at a time out of it, with five hours or so of screen-on time.

Charging is quick, thanks to support of the 80W wired charging and the 50W wireless charging. A new “Battery Health Engine” protects the battery while charging, and Oppo claims the phone will retain 80 percent of its full capacity after 1,600 charging cycles.

Oppo claims that the 50W wireless charging can provide a full charge in 50 minutes, but you will need an official AirVOOC charger to do so. Standard Qi wireless chargers are also supported, albeit at much slower speeds — the maximum over the EPP standard is 15W.

Capturing moments, one snapshot at a time

Oppo made some interesting camera system choices on the Find X5 Pro.  

To begin, you get a 50Mp main and ultrawide lens, a 13Mp 2x zoom telephoto lens, and a 32Mp selfie camera.

There is no sign of the Find X3 Pro's novel microlens camera, nor of any 5x or 10x zoom periscope lens. Oppo believes that the quality and low light performance of the main lenses are more important to consumers, so it focused its efforts there.

Before we break down our findings on the camera, there are two other things to consider. The first consideration is hardware: Oppo has included its first in-house silicon, the MariSilicon X NPU, in this device. This is an additional 6nm chip dedicated to image processing, which the company claims is critical to the camera's performance, particularly in low light.

The other consideration lies in the software. As indicated by the large logo on the back, Hasselblad has aided in this endeavor, but only by providing features similar to those found on last year's OnePlus 9 Pro. Hasselblad's orange accents and distinctive shutter sound have been added to the camera app, along with a few new color filters and an XPan mode that shoots in the unusual 65:24 aspect ratio.

Overall, the camera's performance is truly outstanding. Images are sharp and detailed across the three lenses, with warm, true-to-life colors, and impressive color consistency between the three lenses.

In good light, any camera system at this price will nail it, so low light is where things really matter. Despite Oppo's insistence that this is where it has concentrated its efforts, the Find X5 Pro is not the best in this category. In low light, the Find X5 Pro holds its own against the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and comfortably beats the iPhone 13 Pro.

Images in low light are sharp and detailed, though dynamic range can be lacking at times. Some black areas remain completely black, and light sources can be severely overexposed — though this is improved when you use the dedicated night mode rather than the default camera mode.

The main camera performs the best of the three, no doubt due to its wide aperture and 5-axis OIS stabilization, however, all three rear lenses produce excellent low-light images, and even the front-facing lens holds its own.

If the camera is your primary concern, the Find X5 Pro is a strong contender across all competitors. But if all you want is a new flagship with a camera you can trust, this delivers on all counts.

In conclusion, the Oppo Find X5 Pro is a stunning, powerful phone that delivers almost everywhere it matters.

In comparison to other recent releases, this feels like an all-rounded choice. You get an excellent display, strong performance, a decent battery and charging, and a powerful camera — all wrapped up in a reasonably interesting design.

Aside from the aesthetic, there are some areas where the Find X5 Pro is not the strongest, although they are rare to find. So if you have specific priorities, you may find that some competitors give you more of what you want.

Few phones, however, nail nearly every aspect of the phone as well as Oppo does here, which could give the Find X5 Pro broader appeal.


The phone costs JD1,030 in Jordan at the time of writing this article, and as a result, is considered to be a premium phone that you most likely would not purchase just for its utility, but for its stunning look, as well as bragging rights.

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