B Laban: The influence of social media on culinary trends

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(Photos: Marwa Ismael, Jordan News)
AMMAN – The viral sensation B Laban arrived in Downtown Amman from Egypt and made a huge splash in the Kingdom. Videos soon started to appear of long lines tailing around the street corners, everyone waiting to try the hype. B Laban’s success on platforms like Instagram highlights a digital-age truth: the way to the heart is through the eyes as much as the stomach. In today’s world, where visual appeal is paramount, restaurants like B Laban are leveraging this to their advantage, using social media to turn traditional culinary experiences into visual feasts that entice a broader audience.اضافة اعلان

Now, the question remains, will the trend fade? Or is it a culinary gem that is here to stay? Specializing n desserts made with milk, it offers a variety of creamy, delectable sweets, and some super interesting takes on food in the region.

By the way, if you are lactose intolerant, here is your fair warning, don’t go.

What makes these desserts stand out is not just their taste but their presentation – a feast for the eyes. The restaurant’s fame surged when social media showcased its beautifully presented dishes, which blend traditional Egyptian food traditions with online trends. Innovations like ‘taamieah ice cream’ and ‘ashtouza’ have captured the imagination of food enthusiasts far and wide.

Despite its winter opening in Jordan, a time seemingly unsuitable for cold desserts, it has experienced a remarkable turnout. People from all over the Kingdom came to try these unique treats. This trend underscores the fact that good food, combined with effective marketing, can overcome seasonal barriers.

However, with one glance at the line, you can see the influence on the younger generation as it garners and plays to a younger audience. Sweet tooth traditionalists are still hitting up all the usual spots in the Kingdom, especially Downtown Amman.

In an interview with Jordan News, an employee from a neighboring sweets shop who preferred to stay anonymous said “Since B Laban Opened, we have seen more foot traffic in our area. people from all around the Kingdom came for their desserts and then came to our shops. It is creating a vibrant community space that is great for all of us "

This phenomenon could be pointed to the fact that B Laban’s lines are always long, and overcrowded, so some sweet goers may be tempted to go elsewhere or simply grab a snack while waiting in line.

For its customers, like Abdullah Shehadeh from Al-Zarqa, he noted to Jordan News that Downtown Amman, once a traditionally hailed cultural spot is also starting to revive as a culinary destination as well. He added “People are drawn to downtown Amman not only for its culture but also for culinary experiences like B Laban. The display counter at B Laban is a spectacular variety of colors and textures, with each dessert more tempting than the last. The creaminess of the bowls, topped with a vibrant array of nuts, chocolate, and fresh fruits, is irresistible.”

Furthermore, Majdouleen Hudaib told Jordan News “It was the Instagram videos that brought me here. The visual storytelling and presentation of the desserts were captivating.”

Her remark encapsulates the transcendence of social media, that it serves to connect people to experiences beyond the screen.

Branch Manager of B Laban Ahmad Bousha, shared his vision with Jordan News: “Our goal was to create a culinary bridge between Egypt and the world. We want to offer a taste of Egypt in Amman and provide a comforting spot for Egyptians seeking a taste of home. This blend of the familiar and the exotic is our unique offering.”

Regarding its strategic location, Bousha added, “Our choice of downtown, based on extensive surveys, has paid off. We are excited about our new branch on Al Madina Al Monawara Street, set to open by month’s end. This expansion will allow us to cater to more customers, bringing our unique flavors to a wider audience.”

He added, “Whether you are a local or a tourist, our desserts are designed to provide a memorable experience.”

And whether the line for B Laban is worth it, Sara Shatnawi said to Jordan News “As a sweet lover, B Laban is unique, and it was worth the wait in the line.”

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