‘Dreamer’ accepted to Kings Summer Enrichment Program

Israa (bottom right) and fellow dreamers during their first year at the Squash Dreamers program in 2019 with Executive Director Daisy Van Leeuwen Hill (top right). (Photo: Handout Squash Dreamers)
AMMAN — For the first time in their five-year history, Squash Dreamers have had one of their “dreamers” accepted onto the Kings Academy Summer Enrichment Program. Bringing to fruition the power in sport and investing in young girls’ education, mental health, physical health, confidence, and most importantly, living up to their namesake and championing the power to dream of a better future. اضافة اعلان

Israa, a 12-year-old Syrian refugee and her three sisters — who left Syria during the war —have been participating in the Squash Dreamers program for the last three years.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Israa is a highly motivated young lady who has worked incredibly hard in both squash and English. Executive Director Daisy Van Leeuwen Hill told Jordan News that “Israa never fails to do all she can to better herself and work towards her big dreams”.

Israa can expect to take part in classes that will allow her to develop academically, grow her confidence, and share her sporting hobbies with others, all whilst attending the academy.

Van Leeuwen Hill stated that she looks forward to seeing many more dreamers follow suit and apply for educational programs on scholarships when they are ready which will, in turn, transform their future prospects.

Israa’s story is a testimony to Squash Dreamers’ mission to create a real difference in the lives of young girls through sports and education.

Van Leewen Hill said: “Whilst we cannot claim that every one of our girls will become world champions or get into Ivy League schools, what we can claim is that every girl will become a champion of her own life”.

The team at Squash Dreamers are constantly trying to find ways in which to support more young girls and recently began supporting 65 girls from a local orphanage all of whom are thriving in their new love of Squash and their newfound family at Squash Dreamers.

With school holidays on the way, and Israa enjoying her summer at King’s Academy, the Squash Dreamers team will be running their biggest summer program to date.

Squash Dreamers provide underprivileged Jordanian girls and young Syrian and Iraqi refugees, known as “the dreamers”, the resources to catch up in their education, gain a competitive scholarship advantage through sport, and learn English to gain access to international schools.

The King’s Academy Summer Enrichment program is one of the top educational institutions in the Middle East with a world-class university counseling service that receives young people from around the world to study at their boarding campus in Madaba, Jordan.

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