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A successful stable made by a Jordanian horse rider

1. Qimmah 1
An Arab Waho mare won twice the award for the most beautiful horse in the Middle East. (Photos: Handouts from Al-Qimmah Equestrian Stable)
AMMAN — A talented winner of several championships and awards in horse marathon championships, Thaher Al-Shaman, started his equestrian journey when he was five years old.اضافة اعلان

“I bought a mare when I was a kid and I started practicing on it,” Shaman said. He returned to his favorite club, the Arabian Horse Club, and his beloved horses and specialized in show jumping with horses after he completed his law studies at Isra University

In an interview with Jordan News, Shaman said that he aspires to win the world cup and sees himself advancing in and gaining experience in the field of equestrianism.

Shaman now has a horse stable in Amman called Al-Qimmah Equestrian Stable, it is a new and successful business that has many kinds of horses. It offers a trendy activity called horse walking, and prices are affordable.

Al-Qimmah stable offers horse riding lessons for all ages and skill levels. There are also specialized trainers for kids, youth, and the elderly. A horse veterinarian is on hand to check up on the horses regularly to make sure they stay in good health and are safe for riding. 

Al-Qimmah stable also gives people the chance to buy horses if they chose. The stables will help feed and take care of the horses. Shaman’s Qimmah stable, located on Airport Road, has pages on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Their horses are obtained from several sources, including: Britain, Belgium, and Poland, as well as Arabian horses. Each horse entering the country has proper paper work, including a passport and vaccines certificate showing which vaccines the animal has taken. Although, Shaman said that local breeding is easier.

A four-month-old horse being showered by Thaher Al-Shaman.(Photos: Handouts from Al-Qimmah Equestrian Stable)

Washing a horse is one of the important things that must be adhered to, as dust and dirt that accumulates on a horse’s back must be removed. The horse’s hair is shampooed and the horse is left in the sun to dry.

“I have many plans for the future, including developing the stable more and winning many upcoming competitions.” Shaman said.
In his equestrian career as a rider, Shaman won the Lano Martin International Equestrian Jumping Championship, he participated in the Oman International Equestrian Championship, qualifying for the world cup. He participated in several championships in the Ukraine where he won first place. 

Among the tournaments in which he also participated were the Donia Al-Arab Championship, and the Ramadan Jasmine Championship, and won first place in both. 

“After achieving good positions, I won first place in the De la Salle International Championship, the De la Salle Freire Championship, and the Jordan International Championship, and then I went to the marathon and participated in the 40km challenge. Now I aspire to qualify for the international marathon in Saudi Arabia,” Shaman said.

The Middle East Championship and Marathon are under the patronage of HRH Princess Alia bint Al Hussein. “Horse sport has several advantages, including strengthening the character and strengthening self-esteem,” Shaman said.

Shaman constantly leads in his category and aspires to participate in tournaments both internationally and at home.

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