Today's Horoscopes

(Photo: Jordan News)
ARIES: You'll advance if you shift your thoughts to what's important to you and use your intelligence to fast-track what you want to accomplish. Change requires action and finishing what you start. Physical fitness and sharing with someone you love will bring good results. اضافة اعلان
TAURUS: Concentrate on getting ahead professionally and putting your energy into showing others how efficient and eager you are to use your skills diversely and navigate your way into a better position. An unusual encounter will lead to an emotional decision.  

GEMINI: Distance yourself from people who nag or criticize you. Trust your ability to get things done your way and on time. Use your intelligence and finesse to choose the direction you want to pursue. A romantic gesture will enhance your life.  

CANCER: You'll gain insight if you listen and observe. Don't trust anyone with personal information or someone handling financial or contractual matters for you. Take control, and bring about the changes you want to happen. Avoid joint ventures and high-risk investments.  

LEO: Resurrect old ideas and reconnect with people who have something to offer that will help you put your plans into play. A reunion will encourage you to partner with someone who shares your enthusiasm. Love and romance are favored.  

VIRGO: Take nothing for granted. If you want something done correctly, do it yourself. Choose your path, and follow through with your plans. Letting someone lead the way won't bring you the satisfaction or happiness you desire.

LIBRA: You are sitting in a good position, so don't let an emotional incident sabotage your plans. Put serious thought into how you live, what you want to accomplish and where you stand on issues that affect others. Mindful action is encouraged. 

SCORPIO: Live within your budget. Pay attention to the cost of living and where you can cut corners. Do what you can yourself instead of paying someone. A change will encourage you to rethink the way and where you choose to live.  

SAGITTARIUS: Pay more attention to the way you look, the services you can offer and exploring new ways to use your skills, knowledge and attributes. A partnership with someone who is just as dedicated to a common cause will blossom. Romance is favored. 

CAPRICORN: Don't share personal or financial information. Put more into the way you present yourself physically instead of sharing opinions. You'll get more in return if the people you deal with feel comfortable around you. Be a good listener.   

AQUARIUS: Look at the logistics of a situation you face, then make decisions based on facts, not emotions. A disciplined approach to money, health and rules will spare you being put in an awkward position. Make fitness and romance priorities.  

PISCES: Get everything in order before you share your intentions with others. Expect someone jealous to rival you. Know your boundaries and put your energy into finishing what you start. A romantic gesture will take you by surprise.