Today's Horoscopes

(Photo: Jordan News)
ARIES: You may want to get the approval of someone you love and respect before you say yes to something or someone. A last-minute change will allow the opportunity to pursue something meaningful. Share your feelings and find out where you stand.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You'll be jumpy when it comes to emotional matters. Stay calm. Be rational and willing to participate in an open discussion. Confidential issues are apparent and can cost you if you are too quick to respond. Put peace and love before discord.  

GEMINI: Verify all information you receive before you share or participate. Taking a chance to earn your living or maintain a healthy reputation will leave you in a difficult position. Protect against mental, physical or financial risk.  

CANCER: Don't stop halfway. You've got more going for you than you realize. Put on your thinking cap, and you'll come up with a plan that will help you turn a negative into a positive. Don't suppress your creativity. Romance is encouraged.  

LEO: Listen carefully. Recognize when someone is exaggerating or promising the impossible. Refuse to let your emotions take over or cause you to neglect your responsibilities. Don't take on too much or promise the impossible. Stick to a budget and a reasonable plan.

VIRGO: You'll navigate your way through life with ease. Put force behind your words, and follow through with your plans. Love is on the rise, and physical awareness will make you irresistible. Reach out to someone you love, and bring about positive change.
LIBRA: Make plans to do something that brings out the best in you. A healthy challenge will encourage you to make a positive change. Step into the limelight and show everyone what you can do. Amplify your skills and talents, and doors will open.  

SCORPIO: Sharing your feelings will make a difference to the dynamics of a relationship. Procrastinating or doing nothing to improve your life will leave you in a no-win situation. Find out where you stand, then move forward without regret.  

SAGITTARIUS: Listen and learn before you make a change. It's important to understand what's possible before you reveal your next move. Take the time to prepare sufficiently to ensure that you'll be just fine, regardless of the outcome.  
CAPRICORN: Holding back your feelings won't solve problems. Step up and say what's on your mind, and good things will transpire. Commitment and trust will go hand in hand when dealing with meaningful relationships. Romance will be the key to someone's heart.  

AQUARIUS: Keep emotions in check, and you'll avoid a scene. Indulgent behavior will stand between you and success. Look at the big picture, and mull over how best to make the most of your day without disrupting meaningful relationships.  

PISCES: You'll get help if you ask. Pay attention to loved ones, and it will bring you closer together. A kind gesture, a little romance or a compliment will set the mood. Luck will lead to an unexpected gain.