Today's Horoscopes

(Graphic: Jordan News)
ARIES: Pursue something you enjoy doing. The time and energy required to fulfill your dream will put you in a leadership position. Do the best you can; you will make a difference. Educational pursuits will pay off. اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Put your heart into your responsibilities. What you accomplish will make others take note of what you can do. Strive to advance, and you will wiggle your way into a better position. Leave nothing to chance, and you will excel.

GEMINI: Share your thoughts openly and compassionately. Change begins with an idea and being able to convince others to see things your way. Use your charm to attract attention and honesty to maintain credibility. Discipline and hard work will pave the way to success.

CANCER: Look for a unique way to get things completed within budget and on time. A change may be frustrating at first, but you will overcome any minor setback you face if you are diligent. Put in the energy, and you will prosper.

LEO: Look at all sides of a situation, and follow your heart. Don't let anyone talk you into something indulgent. Channel your energy into something tangible, and you will find a path that helps you excel and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

VIRGO: A pragmatic approach to an emotional situation will help you navigate your way to a solution. A unique offer will intrigue you. Put nurturing your relationship with someone you enjoy collaborating with high on your list. Romance is on the rise.

LIBRA: Learn as you go; you will accomplish all that you set out to do. Discipline and an ambitious approach to life, learning and personal growth will take you down a path that is engaging and full of exciting twists and turns.

SCORPIO: Remain calm and in control, regardless of what others do or say. Stick to the truth, consider what you enjoy doing most and concentrate on exploring the possibilities available to you. A change may be overdue, but it requires forethought.

SAGITTARIUS: Be open and honest about how you feel, and you will find your way. Expand your relationships with people who share your concerns and are heading in a similar direction. Change your surroundings to suit your lifestyle.

CAPRICORN: It's OK to do things differently. Focus on home, family and setting up your house to add to your comfort and convenience. Strive to reach your goal and to stabilize meaningful relationships. Love and romance are in your best interest.

AQUARIUS: Don't make promises you cannot keep or offer a false impression regarding the way you feel. An intelligent explanation will help you sway the opinion of someone who can help you reach your goal. Put your energy where it counts most.

PISCES: Head in a direction that makes you stretch your imagination. Strive to discover what you can do, keep an open mind and have the ability to walk away from anything or anyone that isn't in your best interest.

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