Today's Horoscopes

(Graphic: Jordan News)
ARIES: Take good care of your health and well-being. Exercising, adopting healthy eating habits and doing your best to ease stress are in your best interest. Eliminate situations that bring you down, and focus on the people and pastimes that boost your morale. اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Look at every angle, call on people who have something to offer and make changes that will help you feel good about your accomplishments and impress someone you love. A transformation you make will help you see your potential. Romance is encouraged.

GEMINI: Observe, mull over your options, and make responsible moves. Leave nothing to chance, and you will avoid disappointment. Keep your suggestions and plans simple and your overhead minimal. Manage every detail to ensure nothing goes wrong.

CANCER: Review the past and let it go. Forge into the future with optimism, and do things that bring you joy. Share your feelings and adjust. Pursue what you feel passionate about, and don't stop until you reach your objective.

LEO: Be reasonable, and you'll avoid getting into a spirited discussion that leads to unwanted change. Look at your options and choose what works best for everyone involved. Balance and integrity will encourage better behavior and results.

VIRGO: A kind gesture will work wonders when you want to get your way. Take the initiative to lend a helping hand if it will encourage others to pitch in and help. A work opportunity is heading your way. Choose your words wisely.

LIBRA: Don't put your home, health or happiness in jeopardy. Pour your energy into revamping your resume to suit trends. Update your skills and prepare to make a move that will save money and your reputation. Change begins with you.

SCORPIO: Explore what's possible. Delve into something you think you'll enjoy. Make decisions that will improve the way you live and do things. Start anew, and it will give you the excitement and adventure you desire. Follow your heart.

SAGITTARIUS: Find your voice and say what's on your mind. Incorporate a guideline that is easy to follow and deters anyone from trying to meddle with your plans. Put your energy where it counts the most, and finish what you start.

CAPRICORN: Be open to suggestions and ready to expand your plans. Taking a unique approach to the way you use your attributes will lead to an exciting option. A moneymaking idea will evolve from a discussion you have with someone like-minded.

AQUARIUS: A disciplined approach to the way you run your household will ward off anyone taking advantage of you. Put your energy where it counts and brings in the highest revenue. Don't limit what you can do because someone is selfish.

PISCES: A partnership looks interesting, but before you agree to get involved, iron out any logistics that may cause a problem as you move forward. A commitment to someone special will bring you closer and improve the way you live.

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