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ARIES: Good deeds speak louder than good words. Some people may not be impressed by what you say but they’ll be moved by decisive action. Win someone over by making wise decisions and promises you can keep.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: “No strings attached” might be your motto. You are not fickle but might prefer playing the field and spending time with a variety of people. A small shift in your relationships should not threaten basic stability and solidarity.

GEMINI: Every errand or outing can become a social event. Work flies by when you have fun people by your side. Minor frustrations or inconveniences could seem like major obstacles when they trigger inner fears or doubts.

CANCER: Good things come to those who are patient. Keep the lines of communication open and welcome the facts even if you discover something you’d rather not know. Lend a sympathetic ear or shoulder to a friend.

LEO: You excel at some subjects but you may have difficulty grasping certain concepts that lie outside your experience. Play to your strengths; study up on things you could improve or delegate to someone else

VIRGO: Work now and you can play later. It could be to your advantage to be more generous although it may not seem that way initially. A loved one who is focused on success and business still cares about your feelings.

LIBRA: Relationships may not need to maintain initial courtship intensity, but they do need some consistent attention. Your warmth and kindness can shine brightly today so it won’t take much effort on your part to gain more admirers.

SCORPIO: Display your best ideas, though you may need to keep some of your insights hidden to spare someone’s feelings. Share plans with like-minded homies and you should be able to focus your energies on achieving a goal.

SAGITTARIUS: Keep your eye on the target. Make progress toward achieving your long-term goals. You may enjoy working hand in hand with a partner or loved one, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off.

CAPRICORN: You may be too close to the subject. You might have been working so intently on a project that you no longer can see it objectively. Spend time socializing with coworkers or friends to gain a fresh perspective.

AQUARIUS: Lighten up and avoid serious subjects for a few hours. You may not realize that someone is being flirtatious. Sharing some lighthearted fun will make the day more enjoyable and give you a chance to relax.

If you listen to a friend, your money could quickly be spent on a whim. Use sound judgment when your resources are on the line. You should be thinking about long term security, not instant gratification of your desires.

IF JAN. 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your desire for romance may be so strong you can almost taste it during the next five to six weeks. Don’t get off track by chasing it. You might have an enhanced social life, but gullibility and wishful thinking could interfere with any projects you put into motion. Early March can be an incredibly good time for you on the career front because you can see where your advantage lies and may receive some opportunities for advancement. There could be some unforeseen consequences due to carelessness or wastefulness. April brings the vision and inspiration to try something more ambitious that you can use in May, so hold off on making major changes until then, when your ability to shift your focus is at a high point. Relationships and commitments may be tested in May, potentially because changes can make anyone a bit insecure, and can appear to shift a balance.

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