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ARIES: If you can’t say anything good, say nothing, or stick to “bless your heart.” Retain the power of your optimistic outlook even if some people abandon theirs. Soften misunderstandings by responding with understanding and kindness.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Have confidence in your independence of thought and originality. You might be tempted to spend money or daydream of fantasies, but realistic appraisals of people and situations should keep your expectations realistic.

GEMINI: You may find it difficult to get traction unless you are already on the top of the heap. Play a long game and you may discover that a number of solutions will pop up over time. Focus on constructive activities.

CANCER: If you pay attention, you can be a member of of an unbeatable team. Someone else might have the persistence and ambition to succeed but you may have the know-how. Use your analytical powers and good judgment.

LEO: Be ready to swim with the tide. The day might bring a few surprises that may not line up with what you had hoped. It would be best to accept any changes that occur with an open heart, the universe has its reasons.

VIRGO: Family activities may keep you busy. You might be torn between spending your money on a wildly impractical whim or being too cost conscious to buy the perfect gift. Generous gestures can enhance your reputation.

LIBRA: Restrain impulsive behavior especially if tensions are running high. A tendency to be too businesslike may cause someone to feel insecure. Use your critical thinking, automatically believing anything you hear could lead you astray.

SCORPIO: Put some mental muscle to work. Focus your energies on following through on important tasks. Consider some original ideas for holiday gifts but avoid being too trusting if something seems too good to be true.

SAGITTARIUS: Consider digging deeper. A tantalizing business deal may only be a mirage, or your support of a family member’s ideas may prove disappointing. Upcoming holiday plans could warm up key relationships.

CAPRICORN: Strike while the iron is hot, but don’t get burned by accident. Your creative efforts could have valuable practical applications or moneymaking possibilities. However, an impulsive change could be counterproductive.

AQUARIUS: You can be a stunning peacock and display all your plumage when you are with people you know, trust and love. Appreciate a favorite family member who might give you plenty of reasons to be proud of their accomplishments.

PISCES: Your gentle approach might be designed to avoid conflict. The problem, however, may be that your lack of objections to someone’s actions could be misinterpreted as approval. Don’t be afraid to be honest or give a hard “no.”

IF DEC. 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The next two to three weeks might teach you that being too aggressive or argumentative can backfire. Remain friendly and thoughtful, and put your business and financial success strategies on the back-burner for right now. The tactics that once worked for you may no longer be viable and you may need to level up. Wait until the first half of February when you may be filled with inspiration to make a deep-rooted change. Your skills and talents should be more obvious, and people could find you trustworthy, making it a good time to start a new job or to make a key commitment. Look for the best guidance and assistance from a variety of sources in late February and early March. At that time, you should have opportunities to make your life better and make wise decisions. You should be able to launch your plans with every expectation of success.

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