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ARIES: Make the most of what you have and conserve your resources now. This isn’t the time to gamble with your money or with your emotions. Use your energies wisely in constructive activities for the best success.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Don’t rock the boat. Strong opposition or criticism of your plans is an indicator that you should rethink your strategies. Count on close friends and advisers to guide you by giving you the benefit of their experience.

GEMINI: Be cautious about expressing your opinions. You may be on a different wavelength than everyone else. Volunteering your point of view may rub somebody the wrong way, even if you have the very best intentions.

CANCER: Spinning the wheel of fortune won’t likely solve your problems; this is likely a poor time to change your plans. You might be enthusiastic and eager to get on with a job but could lose traction if you must conform to the rules.

LEO: You can use your leadership skills and logic to sidestep criticism but coping with authority figures and enduring endless scrutiny could ultimately become a thorn in your side. Don’t make crucial decisions or try to fight back today.

VIRGO: You may need to work harder and smarter than usual to meet high expectations. Focus on making financial affairs run smoothly and display your wisdom and calm if or when other people are argumentative.

LIBRA: Check in with yourself to be sure your generosity and tolerance are from the heart, that you’re not just trying to please, or expecting specific reciprocation. Play hard to get — don’t get involved with a casual hookup until the timing is better.

SCORPIO: Make sure that the only toes you step on are your own. Be mindful of the sensitive feelings of those you love. You may feel triggered if someone in charge is too controlling or judgmental — breathe your way through.

SAGITTARIUS: All work and no play makes for a dull day. You may be forced to work with people who seem excessively picky or needy. If you are a good sport, it will be easier to manage everyone’s feelings constructively.

CAPRICORN: Be moderate and make it solid and strong; going to extremes to save a few dollars may backfire. Even if it takes a little longer, take your time to do a job properly so you avoid criticism and conflicts.

AQUARIUS: Fight off any urge to make mountains out of the tiniest molehills. Don’t let minor distractions derail you from completing your duties. Be patient and wait for better timing to put a new project into motion.

PISCES: You may feel misunderstood and might be challenged to keep your cool in heated disagreements. Alleviate tensions by discussing your feelings with family members and place emphasis on finding constructive resolutions.

IF NOV. 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Count on your excellent social instincts to see you through the next two to three weeks. This could be a good time to participate in group activities, since you can shine when surrounded by friends. You could be mesmerized by a passing fancy in late December when you should instead be more focused on your obligations. Force yourself to be realistic; participating in a wild goose chase or taking on additional responsibilities could turn out to be costly. You may want to touch on your most enduring belief systems and consider a change. It would also be an excellent time to improve your health by checking out any nutritional deficiencies or issues. Conditions can improve dramatically in February when your astute and practical observations make you a sharp operator in business or with financial affairs. Late February or March is an ideal time to vacation with someone you love.

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