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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Strike a happy medium between your job and social activities. Friends may push for attention, but they have to take second place when business calls. Accomplish your dreams by retaining powerful focus.اضافة اعلان

You may come to realize that some of your friends are poor business advisers. Take a rain check on someone’s “can’t miss” scheme and keep your money in your pocket. Keep your attention trained on long-term goals.

GEMINI: Applying due diligence to your duties helps you be more efficient and organized, clearing your schedule to make more time for personal activities and play. You may need to pack more activities into a shorter work week.

CANCER: Your highs and lows can depend upon your outlook. You may resent someone pushing you into making a decision about something but be sure you are wise and logical enough to consider the advantages, too.

LEO: Your friendliness and thoughtfulness can shine through when you anticipate the needs of others. You might be ready, able and willing to provide needed support, but someone you love may be stubborn about accepting a helping hand.

VIRGO:  Always protect your energy and be discriminating about who you choose to hang out with. If you only judge people by their apparent material success, you could miss out on someone who has true spiritual or philosophical depth.

LIBRA: Avoid impulsively extending invitations to people you barely know; the reactions you receive from others may be unpredictable. You may need to make some concessions to get family plans rolling and avoid issues.

SCORPIO: Your long-range planning skills can be better than usual when you team up with a strategically minded partner. Although few people can fool you in a business transaction, you may be Very softhearted in your personal life.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid acting on impulse or not taking the time to study the consequences of your actions; if you want validation, give it to yourself. A family member could offer wise advice if you are tempted to go overboard.

CAPRICORN: Be a student of success who seeks out mentors and embraces the knowledge shared by people with greater experience. You might possess the drive and initiative, while a partner has the knowledge and wisdom.

AQUARIUS: You may be at your best when you have a concise plan to follow. To keep your finances safe from harm, you must be aware of a shift in business practices, such as new fees, and steer clear of impulsive purchases.

PISCES: You usually want to be in harmony with others but someone who is focused on making a profit could try your patience. It is admirable to be cooperative and a team player, but remember your own needs, too.

IF NOV. 22 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be wiser and more farseeing than usual during the next five to six weeks. This can be a good time to launch important plans or to make crucial decisions. Any advice, offer, or an opportunity that comes your way could be in your best interests to accept because it could make your life more comfortable. Still do the homework, though. The end of the year might bring some inspirational experiences and you may be able to relax with a romantic partner or take a well-deserved vacation. You could be required to abandon unworthy ambitions or eliminate unrealistic beliefs or expectations in late February and early March when a tough work schedule and extra responsibilities can be a burden. Make sure you get your money’s worth in March when your business acumen is enhanced but do not launch important plans or make key changes until May.

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