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ARIES: What you may consider a challenge might be a kindness in disguise. Subtle crosscurrents are at play so you should watch what you say and avoid being hurtful. Be transparent and aboveboard to make the greatest impact.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS:. A partner or loved one may seem clueless and ignore your need for authenticity and autonomy. Something that seems new and exhilarating to you might encounter disapproval, don’t let your wings be clipped.

Playing the blame game is never useful. Prepare in advance for potentially tricky situations so you don’t lose your cool and sabotage your own plans. Take news and information about your work with a grain of salt.

CANCER: High hopes and expectations could get out of hand. Anticipated profits or income might not live up to your expectations. You may realize that something that looks like a bargain could have serious drawbacks.

LEO: Nip emerging problems in the bud. Family issues or disputes may briefly conflict with other obligations or your schedule. Put your most crucial plans on hold for the next several days while you iron out the details.

VIRGO: Don’t let good ideas or inspirational insights go to waste. Write them down so you can use them when the timing is better. Work-related responsibilities or business issues could interfere with some social plans.

LIBRA: Financial surprises or worries may briefly turn your day upside down. Someone might ask for more than you can reasonably deliver. You may need to navigate tricky cross currents that you can’t quite predict.

SCORPIO: Sometimes it’s a real razor’s edge to walk, remaining true to yourself versus holding the attitudes and demonstrating the behaviors that others approve of. If relationships require handling with kid gloves, find the right balance..

SAGITTARIUS: It takes two to tango and two to argue, and everyone could use sensitivity training sometimes. Suggest outdoor sports or activities where you and loved ones can let off steam more constructively.

CAPRICORN: Financial obligations and people in need could seem to take up a lot of time now. A coworker might seem to push your buttons just to see how far they can go. Be compassionate; hurt people hurt people.

AQUARIUS: A change of heart or misunderstanding could upset your plans. Conflicting feelings may tempt you to consider breaking off with someone. Follow the rules and do not initiate a new project or relationship.

Avoid an argument now;. someone’s competitiveness could trigger your discomfort and insecurities and blind you to common sense. There will be a better way to resolve things if you give it a little time.

IF NOV. 8 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: For the next four to six weeks, it would be wise to get all your ducks in a row before any unexpected changes could threaten to destabilize relationships. A new set of friends may appear on the horizon and throw you a lifeline during uncertain times, and you might meet exciting people who inspire you to be more confident. You are likely at your best when handling worldly affairs such as business, career and finances during January. February, when your fantasies are strengthened, could be a perfect a time for vacations, romance, creativity and travel. A whirlwind of changes could sweep you off your feet in March, but you should have the wisdom to figure out how to maximize the new opportunities. This is an excellent time to ask for advice and embrace options that will lead to long-term abundance.

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