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ARIES: When you beat your head against the wall, the wall usually wins. One of your pet projects may not move along as quickly as you would like. Find something less challenging to concentrate on for the next few days.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: During the next few days when asked to start something new, remember the story about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. You may need to use extra charm and patience to handle people with hot tempers.

GEMINI: If you are working against your own best interests in an attempt to gain friendship or respect, it’s time to learn to validate yourself from within. Don’t overspend or sacrifice your self-care needs just to please others.

CANCER: Your practical side is accentuated so this is a good time to think about ways to achieve long term security. Short trips might be inspiring, but romantic togetherness may be spoiled by someone feeling triggered.

LEO: Stop and think before you act. There is no limit to how far you can go when your desire for success is fueled by passion. However, you must cooperate with other people to get a job done. Explain your latest plans clearly.

VIRGO: Stand firm. If challenged, you’ll need to step up and defend your rights. If you feel you are running out of money or have hit a creative block, put your plans on a temporary hold. Don’t shake things up to achieve fast results.

LIBRA: Some situations are too hot to handle. Fighting the inevitable or arguing with a partner won’t accomplish anything. Focus on getting the smaller tasks completed so that the large ones won’t be frustrating and overwhelming.

SCORPIO: Keep expectations on the low side and go with the flow. An argument will eventually die out if you don’t throw more fuel on the fire. If someone stalls for time, it’s a chance to de-escalate.

SAGITTARIUS: Your tribe knows your vibe. Pay attention to the sound advice and opinions of your circle. People may try to judge you by the way you treat loved ones. Avoid making major purchases or spending money carelessly.

CAPRICORN: Pay attention: Realistic assessment and prevention is far better than denial. You may be called upon to defend your position or protect loved ones. Be prepared to do what is needed to secure your world.

AQUARIUS: Make ends meet by bringing conflicting factions together. Dreams of financial security can come true if you are sincere about wanting to achieve them. A soft-spoken approach will calm someone who loses their temper.

PISCES: Your creative projects should fall into place like the notes in a song. You may be attached to your own outlook, but you can still let other people express their opinions. You may feel put under undue pressure to buy something.

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