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ARIES: If you’re on a team, remember it, and play like it. Your loyalties could be tested, but it is best to resist changing sides at this time. Situations outside your control might force you to take a back seat or accept some limits.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If you need some post-burnout self-care, make time. It’s OK if you need some time scrolling or chatting on the phone rather than running straight toward the next project. Friends may surprise you with an unexpected visit.

GEMINI: Your aptitude for forward thinking is nearing a high point. You can make better decisions because you understand the consequences of your actions. Strike up a conversation with a stranger to make a new friend.

CANCER: Find stand-up people and be a stand-up person yourself. When dependable people pair up, a lot gets accomplished. Be clever but never crafty — trying to play both ends against the middle will let everyone down in the long run.

LEO: Someone may stir your aspirations and insist that you meet high standards. You possess the vision and determination to make viable plans. Possessions can be fixed but broken friendships are difficult to patch up.

VIRGO: New friends may not prove to be who you think they are, or time may not be on your side. Heart-to-heart chats can lead to amorous experiences with a trusted partner, but a new romance may quickly fizzle out.

LIBRA: Be conscientious about honoring your commitments even when someone else doesn’t. Don’t try to light a fire under a potential romantic relationship — a new acquaintance may only have friendship in mind.

SCORPIO: Make your mark using a light touch and heavy willpower. The weekend may involve some romantic enticements, but you are better off spending time with trusted and true friends than with someone unknown.

SAGITTARIUS: If words and actions don’t match, trust the actions. Someone’s advice could be worth hearing. A person you meet might seem attractive but don’t mistake social friendliness for a romantic overture.

CAPRICORN: Some of the best things in life are free, but when the things you want are costly, you are willing to work to get them. One reason you may enjoy social gatherings or outings with friends is to show out prized possessions.

AQUARIUS: Just because a friend seems to be making a play for your heart does not mean you should take a passing flirtation seriously. Old friends may show up on your doorstep to reminisce about old times

PISCES: When the chores are finished, there should be time to relax, although your idea of fun today may be rewriting your resume. Hobbies or collections once relegated to the closet could be brought out to show and tell with friends.

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