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ARIES: Your attractive and accepting personality makes you popular, so you might receive plenty of admiration and inviting glances. Your outgoing friendliness can attract new social and business contacts, as well as cheerful interchanges.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: When you are in your zone you can widen your social network, visit friends or get out and circulate. Your ambitions might be at a high point, so use every opportunity to get ahead and create added material security.

GEMINI: There are no stupid questions, only stupid assumptions. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, a simple question can yield all the answers. No one does it alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help, information or a lifeline.

CANCER: Don’t be surprised that a few strings are attached. If you ask for a favor, you are likely to receive it, but expect to make a tradeoff. To satisfy your innermost longings for financial stability, you may need to compromise.

LEO: You must make a choice to go after what you want and then stick to it. You could be given a go-ahead if you have proven that you can be trusted. Stick with dependable information from reliable sources to bolster your chances.

VIRGO: There’s no such thing as a sure thing. A loved one may offer advice when you are deciding whether to take chances with your money or with your time and energy. Do the homework and get the facts before you decide.

LIBRA: When you are paired up with the right person, you can enjoy being the center of attention for the right reasons. You could be fascinated by someone who has gained your trust and been on your mind all week long.

SCORPIO: Those in charge may consider you the “can do” person. Offer help and encouragement to a family member if they are burdened by too many obligations. A warm reception at work might make up for any chilliness at home.

SAGITTARIUS: You can count on a loved one to keep a promise and support your vision of the future. Join forces with a coworker and some problems can be solved, making you even more determined to make a profit.

CAPRICORN: What you think you should receive and what you get might be different. You may not receive the expected rewards for your hard work right now, but you should keep plugging away because your efforts will eventually be recognized.

AQUARIUS: Changing situations within the family might have hidden benefits but result in added responsibilities. Apply the lubrication of kindness to grinding gears on the home front to avoid irritations. You will benefit by being objective.

PISCES: You may become defensive if you think that someone is taking advantage of your good nature. By remaining idealistic and understanding, and watching out for your own interests, you can do better than you might expect. 

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