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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: The summer solstice is approaching and you may want to take advantage of the extra daylight. Avoid making impulsive business decisions and focus on making your special someone happy in the late evening hours.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your social skills should be obvious, and you may mesmerize someone with an air of mystery. In romantic encounters, someone will find your attractions irresistible. Learn the lesson when mistakes are pointed out.

GEMINI: Emotional reactions could spur someone into saying things they regret later. You are blessed by the ability to see beyond the obvious and can thoughtfully use your emotional intelligence to improve personal relationships.

CANCER: Opportunities to make smart moves might arrive shrink-wrapped and last until you are ready to use them. Enjoy the arrival of summer and write down inspirational thoughts and creative ideas for another day.

LEO: The longest day of the year might seem especially bright to you. Enjoy good vibrations while they last. You should remain a staunch supporter of your partner’s favorite cause even if something seems off right now.

VIRGO: Take time out to reflect on your goals and long-term financial objectives. A loved one or partner could have valuable input. Situations at work may distract you or cause you to play a role that doesn’t really suit your skill set.

LIBRA: When someone arouses your passions you may want to try to keep that person within easy reach. You may find it difficult to think of anything else when you become obsessed with a new person, activity or interest.

SCORPIO: When you are with someone special you can project a winning image. People love a mystery, and your intriguing words may stir up someone’s desire to grow closer. A phone call or creative idea can trigger a chain reaction.

SAGITTARIUS: Your hard work can save the day and pave the way to financial security. You may be a family member’s hero. Enjoy receiving praise and compliments, but don’t spend time resting on your laurels yet.

CAPRICORN: Hedge your bets. People prefer to deal with successful people so be sure to look the part. You may have all your bases covered when it comes to romantic meetings. Don’t forget to attend to financial obligations.

AQUARIUS: Few things thrive in the arctic or desert. You may hear some good ideas but cannot use them until you find more fertile ground. Your financial picture can improve if you make lasting changes next week.

PISCES: Live it up and learn. New insights can help you understand the steps needed to achieve financial security. By next week, you can make a change that leads to a business success or a major feather in your cap.

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