Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Commitment is king. Making impulsive changes to your business plans or family budget can place you in an awkward position. Be true to your word in the week ahead and your honesty and loyalty should reap dividends.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be wrapped up in romance as the week begins but pay attention to what is going on in the outside world, too. Tune into the news to remain aware of current events to avoid making serious career miscalculations.

GEMINI: Feedback from your friends may vary from positive to negative in the week to come even if you only have the best intentions. Act according to the highest principles when you must make significant financial decisions.

CANCER: Plant yourself where conditions can powerfully support your growth. Financial schemes and opportunities can be put to good use in the week ahead. Romantic partners may be more lovable than usual.

LEO: The secret to success is to focus on working closely with loved ones and partners to achieve worthwhile goals. Remain persistent despite any setbacks. Build something up in the week ahead rather than tearing something down.

VIRGO: Trying to use a friendship to dig for information can backfire. Too many questions may arouse suspicions or make someone feel that their boundaries have been crashed. A loved one’s common sense can be useful this week.

LIBRA: Be too passionate about supporting your family to make permanent plans with unreliable people — someone might change their mind at the last minute. The week ahead may clarify the evidence of someone’s trustworthiness.

SCORPIO: Embrace an opportunity to express love and enjoy romance. Weave interesting people, ideas, and things into the web of your life as the week unfolds. Engage in a study or investigation that gives you fresh purpose.

SAGITTARIUS: Nurture your inner strengths in the upcoming week. You may be wiser and more astute about the practical aspects of life, especially when handling money. Avoid people who take advantage of your generosity.

CAPRICORN: Yes, you may be lucky in love and lucky with money. However, life always requires demonstrating your intention by working hard, too. You may be motivated to pursue financial and material success.

AQUARIUS: Following the group consensus might not be the best way to achieve your ambitions. In the week to come, a partner could set a good example of how to use drive, determination, and focus to help yourself.

PISCES: When you are in the right place at the right time, you can take advantage of sweet deals. Make the most of opportunities to strike a compromise in the week ahead to avoid misunderstandings and to be more successful.