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ARIES: If achieving success was easy, everyone would be more successful. Other than hard work, there is probably no shortcut to meet your goals this week. Even if the job doesn’t seem glamorous, you should reap rewards in the long run.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If you find yourself with the wrong crowd in the upcoming week, get an exit strategy. Avoid being misled by surface appearances or potentially manipulative compliments. Stick with those whom you know and trust.

GEMINI: Do the math and scrutinize the books. Perhaps you made an error, but it is possible that the error works in your favor. In the week to come you could be able to cash in on your efforts and find yourself in a better position.

CANCER: There is always a way to make things more palatable; utilizing a positive attitude and a few kind words can lighten a serious but needed discussion. Don’t let minor annoyances get you down in the week to come.

LEO: Business and pleasure may not always mix, but when they do, be polite and mindful of your manners. Remain appropriately cool and professional in the week to come. Shrug off the little annoyances and offer a friendly vibe.

VIRGO: Too much of anything can be overwhelming — moderation serves you best in the week ahead. Any special indulgences for loved ones or for yourself may be fulfilling now. A casual approach just won’t fit some circumstances.

LIBRA: Train your eye on ways to increase your net worth. Your cash flow might be affected by circumstances beyond your control in the week ahead. Share your dreams with a special someone to find a receptive audience.

SCORPIO: Don’t let doubts undermine your determination to succeed. A loved one might view your concerns as irrelevant when gentle understanding would be preferred. Build up your confidence to accomplish your goals this week.

SAGITTARIUS: Remain warm and cozy watching the home fires burning. Set aside some extra time in the upcoming week to spend with your loved ones. A home-cooked dinner with family could feel like a special event.

CAPRICORN: Tense circumstances require calmness and wisdom. The week ahead might present challenging situations that require special handling. Look to repair anything that isn’t working properly in your life.

AQUARIUS: Exercise your “no.” Someone may ask you to take on unfamiliar responsibilities in the upcoming week. However, if your schedule is already full, it might not be wise to rush forward or add a new complication.

PISCES: Show affection that is honest and from the heart. Keep the sparks of love burning brightly by being understanding, forgiving and generous. You may feel too kindhearted for the harshness of the world this week. 

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