Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: You may be someone’s tower of strength. An admirer might see you as a mover and shaker and hang on to your shirttails. Hook up with others to enjoy unique social activities and grow closer to a loved one.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: An attractive person in the immediate vicinity could tempt you to jump ship, but that could stir up complications. It should be much better to use your warmth and imagination to delight someone at home with a surprise.

GEMINI: Put ideas and calculations aside to focus on a loved one and your relationship’s future. You may find you are on the same wavelength. You probably crave some rest and relaxation, so enjoy it with a romantic partner.

CANCER: It’s the thought that counts and you may be more thoughtful than usual. Wise planning helps to guarantee success in an engrossing enterprise or group project. Consider giving gifts that have a special significance.

LEO: When you are sincere and honest, other people will likely respond in kind. You can easily achieve a compromise over a financial matter. You may receive something inexpensive that is imbued with sentimental meaning.

VIRGO: This is possibly a good time to reach out and ask someone for sound advice. A loved one may discuss interesting plans for the future. You could be dissatisfied by the superficial and prefer to concentrate on deeper meaning.

LIBRA: Expect that a promise will be fulfilled but perhaps not in the way you thought. There could be surprise visits or a change in plans that keep you on your toes. Remain positive about the outcome of an experiment.

SCORPIO: Remain flexible but mindful about how you manage your money, possessions and resources. Connect with new friends and some unusual activities may add a delightful spark of excitement to the weekend.

SAGITTARIUS: Turn off the TV and your social media feed. This weekend you may prefer to discuss universal truths rather than being fed a stream of empty content. Seek pearls of wisdom that reveal the truth.

CAPRICORN: You can develop friendships with people from unique walks of life and contrasting backgrounds. You may be tempted to make a one-of-a-kind purchase, but it could lose its appeal much too quickly.

AQUARIUS: Plans may change rapidly. You might be in a comfortable relationship but could yearn for something more. A loved one might be surprised if you want to try out something exciting or unusual on your own.

PISCES: A tolerant attitude, enthusiasm and optimism can break the ice during any social occasion. You can put the best spin on a situation, turn a problem into an asset and obtain cooperation from others with ease.

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