Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Look within for greater clarity. Your intentions may be well-defined, but some people may still misunderstand. You might be unwilling to yield your position within a group setting or feel that questions show mistrust.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If the buck stops with you, you can’t pass it along. Take care of your obligations and honor your promises to a partner or loved one. Avoid making impromptu changes that do not make economic sense.

GEMINI: You might think you have thought of all the pros and cons, but you could miss something essential. Try not to approach business transactions with the same measuring stick you use when evaluating your friendships.

CANCER: Other people might seem quicker at the outset, but it’s likely to be best in the long run to move at your own comfortable pace and do a thorough job. Don’t let suspicions, criticisms or worries cloud your mind.

LEO: Get those unpleasant tasks out of the way first so you can better enjoy more pleasurable and rewarding activities. Practice thrift and count your money carefully today. Consider establishing a monthly budget.

VIRGO: Maintain a low profile. Any shortcomings might be more noticeable than usual, and your judgment may be on vacation. Friends or acquaintances may give you poor advice, so wait for better timing to make a key decision.

LIBRA: Get it over with. Handle obligations without procrastinating. You can get your own way without stepping on anyone’s sensitive toes. You might find that family members are ready and willing to cooperate with your ideas.

SCORPIO: Set your own terms. By asking for advice or assistance from friends or neighbors you should easily get out of a tough spot. To earn the respect of others, as well as your own self-respect, always give your utmost.

SAGITTARIUS: You don’t have to carry the world’s burdens on your shoulders. Share your concerns with other people who might come together to develop solutions. Meet deadlines and try to get your schedule more organized.

CAPRICORN: Big ambitions call for bigger responsibilities. With your self-discipline, you keep it all together: doing your job, paying your bills, and meeting deadlines. This is not a good time to ask for a raise or make a crucial financial commitment.

AQUARIUS: You must often follow rules you didn’t make. You can be much happier if you accept existing conditions and ignore unfairness. Your judgment could be off base today so take more time to consider your options.

PISCES: Instead of judging, try empathy. Someone’s methods or routines may not seem to be up to your standards, take time to understand why they are making those choices. Show the world a kind and gentle face.

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