The time to be more pious and charitable, but also to enjoy family and friends

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Every year, Muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the holiest month in the Islamic culture due to its spirituality. اضافة اعلان

While the religious injunctions are followed by all Muslims in Ramadan, the social customs differ from one country to another.

In Jordan, activities and events give this month a special flavor. It is a time when people become more spiritual, bond with family members, try new food, have fun with friends, and think of the needy more than at any other time.

Following is a list of some activities and events that may enable you to have an even better time during Ramadan:

Maadet Al Rahman, or iftar tents. In Ramadan, iftar tents sprout up on many streets around Jordan for people in need it to partake in the breaking of the fast at sunset with meals provided by charitable people or organizations. It is a significant ritual in Ramadan that reflects the social solidarity which embodies the real meaning of this month.

The Quran’s Surat Al Maeda inspired the name of these iftars. It encourages Muslims to be charitable; it was the primary motivation for these iftars during the Prophet Mohammad’s time. When a delegation from Al Ta’ef arrived in Medina and declared their allegiance to Islam, the Prophet sent them iftar and suhoor (the meal fasting Muslims eat just before sunrise); the caliphs followed the Prophet Mohammad’s tradition. To offer iftar to those who were fasting, Omar Ibn El Khattab established “Dar Al Deyafa” (the hosting home).

Iftar and suhoor buffets. Many restaurants across the country have iftar and suhoor buffets where different cuisines may be enjoyed. These buffets help people enjoy the daily routine of Ramadan nights and spice them up in the company of family members and friends. They may suit budgets as restaurants charge for the number of people, not for the amount of food they order.

They have become a classical dining option that will always be popular with large groups. They enable people to bond with each other and have a great time.

If you are thinking of visiting Jordan during Ramadan, you might wish to get a taste of iftar or suhoor during this time.

Charitable deeds. Ramadan is the time when people become more acutely aware of the plight of the less fortunate, and when those who feel grateful for the grace God bestowed on them try to help the needy.

Jordan has one of the highest number of refugees in the world. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic created new socioeconomic challenges and worsened the economic situation in the country. Hence, charities encourage people to participate in their activities to help the largest number of people they can, including refugees.

Some charities collect leftovers from restaurants and hotel buffets across Jordan to distribute them to needy families during Ramadan. Another way to help is through sadaqa (voluntary giving of alms or charity); some charities, such as Tkiyet Um Ali, have many sadaqa boxes in different locations. Sadaqa money goes to help the less fortunate by providing clothing, food, medicine, and other aid.

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