Where to get vaccinated without an appointment (for over-50s)

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AMMAN — For the most part, residents of Jordan have had to wait for appointments via text message after registering for the vaccine.jo platform. But the Ministry of Health recently announced that those over the age of 50 can visit selected health centers to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine without a prior appointment. اضافة اعلان

So far, over three and a half million Jordanians have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The shots are available at no cost. The Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are currently being distributed across the Kingdom.

Below is a list of the vaccination centers currently accepting walk-ins for those over the age of 50.  

The University of Jordan / Deanship of Student Affairs Portal / Sports Activities Hall
The Italian Hospital
Youth Hostel — Al-Hussein Sports City — Gate 7
Isra University — Gymnasium — North Gate
Al-Zaytoonah University — Gym Hall — Gate 1
Applied Science Private University — Gymnasium — Gate 3
Al-Hussein Gardens Gate 2 — Drive Through Capital
King Abdullah Gardens/Al-Muqabaleen, East Gate 2 — Drive Through
Diwan Al-Hamlan — UNICEF Roundabout, opposite Jordan River Foundation — Marka
Prince Faisal Hall, Gate 1 — King Abdullah II City — Qweismeh
Ya Hala Hall — Al-Hussein Sports City — Gate 1
Al-Hussein Sports City — Gate 3 — Drive Through
Abu Nseir Comprehensive Health Center
Qweismeh Comprehensive Health Center
Jubaiha Comprehensive Health Center
Wadi Al-Seer Comprehensive Health Center
Orange Digital Village Center — Al-Dakhliya Roundabout — Drive Through
Sahab Cultural Center and Theater — Salbod
Hamza Hospital
Al-Bashir Hospital

Irbid Cultural Center
Irbid Camp Improvement Committee (Yarmouk Hall)
Al-Hassan Sports City
Al-Hassan Sports City — Drive Through
Hobras Comprehensive Health Center
Deir Abi Said Youth Center
North Shouneh Comprehensive Health Center
Taiba Comprehensive Health Center
Qimeem Comprehensive Health Center
Prince Rashid Military Hospital

Zarqa University — Zarky Theater Gate 4
Hajj Affairs Association — Al-Msherfa
Rufaida Islamic College
Azraq Camp for Syrian Refugees
Prince Muhammad City for Youth
Prince Muhammad Youth City — Western Gate — Drive Through
Al-Dulail Comprehensive Health Center
Zarqa Camp Health Center (UNRWA)
Prince Faisal Governmental Hospital
Prince Hashem Bin Al-Hussein Military Hospital / Zarqa
New Zarqa Governmental Hospital

Al-Balqa Applied University — Gymnasium — Gate 4
Maady Secondary School for Girls
Baqaa Health Center (UNRWA)
South Shouna Health Center
Fuheis Health Center
Ain Al-Basha Comprehensive Health Center

Basira Comprehensive Health Center

Directorate of Health Affairs in Aqaba Governorate
Al-Khazan Health Center / Aqaba
Al-Quwaira Comprehensive Health Center
Prince Hashem Bin Abdullah Military Hospital / Aqaba
Islamic Hospital / Aqaba

Al-Safi Health Center
Southern Mazar Health Center
Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein Military Hospital

Municipal Stadium — Prince Ali Sports Complex
Zaatari camp for Syrian Refugees
Chest Diseases Center / Health Affairs Directorate of Mafraq Governorate
Rehab Comprehensive Health Center
Northern Badia Hospital Center
King Talal Military Hospital

Al-Razi Comprehensive Health Center
Jerash Comprehensive Health Center
Jerash Sports Club

Ashtafina Comprehensive Health Center
Prince Hassan Comprehensive Health Center (Kafranja)
Ajloun Comprehensive Health Center
Princess Haya Military Hospital

Directorate of Health Affairs of Madaba Governorate
North Madaba Comprehensive Health Center

Al-Rajif and Dalagha Center / Petra
Al-Jafr Health Center
Hussainiya Comprehensive Health Center
Maan Comprehensive Health Center

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