Benefits of team sports

Research suggests that the best way to increase the level of activity for people who live a sedentary lifestyle is through team sports. (Photos: Envato Elements)
Team sports are an important part of Jordanian culture, with soccer being by far the most popular sport in the country. Jordanians enjoy both watching and playing soccer, and team sports are already well integrated into the culture. اضافة اعلان

Being part of a sports team can be extremely advantageous; physical activity is well known for its wide variety of benefits for health and wellness. Encouraging and engaging in physical activity, especially from a young age, can greatly contribute to improving one’s life.

Many people find it difficult to start their fitness journey due to lack of motivation and enjoyment. For some of us, working out can sometimes become a chore leading to an eventual loss of motivation and commitment. Because there are so many different types of physical activities to choose from, finding the right fit for you can be difficult and sometimes exhausting. However, in the end, finding the right fit for you will be very rewarding and beneficial.

Team sports, when compared to individual fitness exercises, show great improvement in aspects such as confidence, teamwork, and problem-solving. Exercising in general is known to naturally increase blood flow to the brain and release endorphins. These neurotransmitters are responsible for increasing feelings of pleasure and wellbeing, as well as decreasing pain and discomfort. Team sports are one of the best way to lead a physically active, focused, and motivated lifestyle. 

Benefits for children and teens

Of the many different types of physical activity, team sports are among the most popular worldwide. They are great for building character. Football is very popular around the world and especially here, in Jordan. Many children start playing out in the street from a young age. There are many football fields open to the public for recreational use as well. In children and adolescents, studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between physical activity and academic performance. Children involved in any kind of team sport perform better in school and develop a variety of other skills along the way. Encouraging children to participate in team sports can be of great benefit to them as it teaches them teamwork, communication, responsibility, and punctuality.

People often develop who they are as adults and shape their personalities through their experiences during childhood. Having positive experiences starting from a young age has a healthy impact on development. Team sports, and having a generally active lifestyle, has several benefits on a child’s growing mind. For one, children learn the importance of teamwork and problem solving. During games or practices, children will often face different challenges that they will need to overcome. As a result, they will develop quick thinking and the ability to resolve conflict.

Training alongside teammates also teaches accountability. These skills can then be translated into other aspects of their lives, such as school or work. Playing a team sport requires hard work, determination, focus, and commitment, promoting positive development in children and teens. There are many clubs available, with a coach present for guidance. Alternatively, children can be encouraged to gather their friends and neighbors and meet on one of the open fields for a friendly match.  

Benefits for adults

Becoming more physically active gets harder with age. Children naturally have more energy and so it is easier for them to take part in team sports. As we grow older, we have more responsibilities and less energy and time for team sports.

Not many adults get the recommended weekly level of physical activity. That is why adults are encouraged to participate in team sports as well.

Research on team sports also suggests that it builds confidence, character, and improves self-esteem due to the increase in positive social interactions. (Photo: Shutterstock) 

Adults that partake in a team sport significantly improve their quality of life. Research suggests that the best way to increase the level of activity for people who live a sedentary lifestyle is through team sports. For those who do not particularly enjoy the gym environment, team sports can be extremely appealing. Group activities increase motivation; when you work out alone, it becomes easy to give yourself days off and as time goes by, you begin to work out less frequently. With team sports, you are committed to your team. Skipping a day means letting your whole team down. It also encourages you to train harder to improve your skill and better your team. Similarly, it creates healthy competition with your peers, which will drive you to stick to your training schedule and improve your skill.

Unlike the gym, team sports can easily be incorporated in a busy schedule. Practices are often one hour once or twice each week, and games are usually no longer than two hours. Being part of a team sport makes it feel less like an obligation and more like a fun activity. Along with increasing activity level, it also gives you a break from work or family pressures. The release of endorphins can feel like a breath of fresh air, improve your emotional health, and get you ready for the week to come. It can also be great way to meet new people as it is never too late to make friends. Connecting with others over a shared activity breaks many communication barriers and builds new positive memories with people.

Research on team sports also suggests that it builds confidence, character, and improves self-esteem due to the increase in positive social interactions. Team sports combine both physical and emotional wellness into one enjoyable experience. Staying in good shape is not just a goal to reach but a change in lifestyle that can easily be obtained if you enjoy the activity.

Team sports are also an excellent way to connect with family. You do not have to be part of a club or be particularly skilled at a specific sport to create a team environment. Team sports are for all ages and all skill levels. It can be as easy as coordinating with your friends and family to meet once a week on a field for a quick match or two. Even if you are not typically physically active, your endurance and agility will undoubtedly improve in no time. Being physically fit does not have to be a chore or even put a dent in your pockets. It can be fun, cheap, and a nice break from everyday stress.

(Photos: Envato Elements)

When choosing a team sport, pick one that you enjoy, and preferably one whose rules you know, as it will make it easier to adjust and incorporate it into your daily life without adding too much stress. Even if you are not familiar with the rules, picking up team sports is relatively easy, and the rules are often quite simple.

Even though team sports are now enjoyed more on television and from the comfort of our own homes, trying one out for yourself can be as enjoyable and more rewarding. You do not have to be an extrovert to take part in a team sport. It is a casual and fun environment for everyone involved. As an added benefit, participating in team sports will equip you with skills that may help your career or home life.

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