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ARIES: You may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of items on your to-do list. If you stop and look at each activity it can be easy to manage step by step. Try not to run away and instead choose one thing to finish.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Relationships can evolve over time. The change that may seem devastating to you could be a matter of emotional survival for others. Let people live their best lives and you can in turn live yours. Keep marching forward.

GEMINI: Focusing on yesterday's arguments cannot give you the space to stretch and grow you may need. Instead of trying to squeeze into narrow spaces between grievances and pain, do your best to forge your own path.

CANCER: Things around you may feel like a big paint by numbers set. Bigger chunks of background colors might seem easier, but then you get to smaller details, highlights, and shadows you could lose track of the final picture.

LEO: You can predict that the tides will turn, but people in general may seem to be more unpredictable and changeable than usual right now. Bide your time and wait before starting anything of great significance.

It can be easy to forget about bills that could be coming your way. Overdraft fees may turn some bad math into a debt pit. Keep a close eye on your bank balance and avoid trading needed funds for temporary entertainments.

LIBRA: Your first impulse when things go wrong might be to race madly in all directions to catch everything at once. A wiser course of action may be to let the dust settle and discover the possibilities that remain.

SCORPIO: Major changes could be coming and it soon may be the time to start searching for a safe place to sit and prepare for any unexpected circumstances that can be incoming. Other unseen factors might be in play to protect you.

SAGITTARIUS: When you see too much in front of you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Do your best to avoid walking away and abandoning the whole project. Handle the first thing and the second one can come easier.

CAPRICORN: There may be a person in your world who is obsessed with catching all the minute details or giving everything a final polish. Consider being more precise and previewing work to check for errors to avoid embarrassment.

AQUARIUS: It may be a lot easier to know when you are running low on singles in your wallet than it can be to know what you purchased on your card. Take the time to make a solid budget and keep track of your purchases.

PISCES: Whether you see the glass as half-empty or half-full you may need to prepare for a future day when your glass could be completely empty. Do your best to pay off your tabs and give yourself a fresh start.

IF NOVEMBER 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Drive and determination could take you farther this month, but only if you try to sidestep the temptation to go on a wild goose chase this week. During December you may be motivated to heal some emotional rifts you may have been wanting to manage. Opportunities to get ahead could drop in your lap in January and heartfelt wishes may be answered. This could potentially be an excellent time to make key decisions or launch a new project while you may have the advantage of some enhanced foresight. You could glide effortlessly on the crest of satisfied ambitions in February when enhanced street smarts might help you make some sound financial plans or develop business strategies. This could be an excellent time to make new romantic or business commitments, or to accept a better position, apply for a new job, or change careers while your greatest talents and skills could be highlighted.

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