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ARIES: The best defense is often the best offense. Take the initiative by taking decisive action if the competition is still in the middle of their deliberations. You could earn respect even if things do not go exactly as planned.اضافة اعلان

When challenged by a business rival do your best to not let them push your buttons or just step aside. Try not to take politeness or cooperation too far and lose your footing in a conflict, prove you cannot be taken lightly as needed.

GEMINI: Every story has a beginning whether it is the day a hero realizes they are the one who can save the kingdom, or an average citizen decides to start anew. You may need to decide what part to play when your “once upon a time” begins.

CANCER: Organization just makes life easier; you are able to find what you need when you need it. Your social connections could be valuable when it’s time to make a business decision or hire someone for a job.

LEO: You may need to exercise caution when working towards your goal; a careful and silent approach should serve you better than making a lot of noise.  Mindfulness brings out fewer adversaries than going in guns blazing.

VIRGO: You may have been feeling bored or stale right now. It might be time to take a class, go for a walk or get a library card to help alleviate some monotony. If you can invigorate your mind, you can find new ways to stay agile.

LIBRA: Remain grateful for those who may be on the same page as you and do their fair share when it comes to group projects. You might be able to share your knowledge and make it easier to arrive at an acceptable consensus.

SCORPIO: You may be in the perfect position to create something new. You might have everything you need but it could feel like something is lacking. If everyone chips in a little bit you should have all the elements for a new project.

SAGITTARIUS: Compulsively tidy people may seem annoying, but they can usually find what they are looking for. Do your best to keep your space tidy and organized  and you could be better set up for success.

CAPRICORN: Personal baggage can build up without enough self-work; everyone you meet is dealing with it in their own way. When it comes to relationships you need to accept their baggage while they learn to contend with yours.

AQUARIUS: A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Implementing a few commonsense measures can make an improvement to your cash flow. Cutting back on minor expenditures could add up over time and be a real savings.

PISCES: You could be constantly fighting procrastination or delays right now. Barriers or assorted nonsense could appear to interfere with any new efforts. Take your time to help determine a successful plan of action.

IF OCTOBER 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be challenged to manage some difficult people or situations over the next two to three weeks that could distract you from more important subjects. As November fades into December, you may be torn between optimism and negativity. Duties, extra responsibilities, or a hectic schedule might take their toll in December. Console yourself with the fact that your efforts can help you achieve your ambitions. It’s possible that in the first half of January an opportunity to realize your dreams or to be rewarded for your hard work could appear. You may also be more attractive than usual and enjoy some romantic escapades. You could put your financial or business strategies into action in late February or early March and they might quickly begin to bear fruit.

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