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ARIES: The most important thing you can do to impress someone new is to be kind, thoughtful and generous. You could stand out and attract attention in public or wherever you may be interacting with others.اضافة اعلان

There can be some false starts or interruptions slowing down your newest venture, but the day may be coming soon to get things going. Barriers could be breaking down for you and you might thrive in an unfamiliar environment.

GEMINI: There are shelves of books to help aspiring authors find interesting topics, build up their characters or develop plots. Discover whatever it may take to give you the nudge you need for your project. The right words can open universes.

CANCER: You may need to do something unusual to get your blood pumping and your mind moving in different directions. Technology might do its best to mimic the outside world, but it can be best to experience the real things.

LEO: It may be time to put your dreams out into the world. You might be past the point where you can be your own audience and objectively evaluate your ideas. Feedback from others could help you realize you are on the right track.

VIRGO: Changes can be scary. Even if you know someone well, it’s hard to know what will happen if you try to alter a relationship. If you want more, you may need to take the risk. Friendships could be strengthened if given a chance.

LIBRA: Keep records, you never know when you may need to prove your side. A person who might be sniffing around to take credit could also be keeping track of way to place the blame on others if something goes wrong.

SCORPIO: People may expect a lot of you when you set out on your own. You know what you are doing and could have the best skills and resources you need. Setting the highest standards can be the best way to get to the future you want.

The only way to have a harvest is to plant seeds and then nourish them consistently throughout the entire growing season. It’s the same in anything you do. Do what you can to plan for the year ahead.

CAPRICORN: You may be capable of everything your new adventure could demand of you if you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Make the decision to commit to a new project and you can reap the benefits and share with loved ones.

AQUARIUS: Absence can often make the heart grow fonder, but it can also make it become more absent. Before a relationship can work, both parties must be dedicated to its success. Do your best to understand what to expect within it.

You may be on track for a successful beginning. Whether you are looking to start an enterprise or a relationship, things can flow in the proper direction if you are not afraid to step outside the safety of your comfort zone.

IF OCTOBER 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your street smarts and astute observations could help you achieve your goals in the material world as the next three to four weeks unfold. You might be influenced by daydreams in December, when your heart may yearn to escape the ordinary. This could be a wonderful time for a vacation with a partner or to work on creative projects. You may shine in group activities in late December and January, but make sure to adhere to the rules and watch your step in the second half of January. In late March you might feel youthful or grow more in touch with your spiritual side, making this potentially a fantastic time to implement lasting healthy habits. Although you could simply bask in a feeling of contentment, it might be wise to put plans or important projects into motion while you may be feeling more enthusiastic than usual.

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