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ARIES: The bright lights you may be chasing might only be a will-of-the-wisp leading you deeper into the swamp. It might not be enough to follow; you need to know where you are going. Ask questions and look for guidance.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Appearances may matter more than usual. Like a cliched rom-com, people might be ready to leap to ludicrous conclusions without waiting for explanations. Be on your best behavior, even in the face of strange events.

GEMINI: In a casual game of cards, more aggressive tactics can be acceptable but may not endear you to the loved ones you are playing against. If you are willing to be compassionate toward people’s challenges, you can find it easier to fit into any group.

CANCER: Someone may offer sympathy and understanding when you need it. Ideas that capture your imagination can lure you away from dull chores. Your flirtatious side may manifest when you are struggling to appear composed.

LEO: Live with the bargains you have made. The daily grind might grate on your nerves but can soon be finished. Someone close could introduce you to new people who will open your eyes to different goals and possibilities.

VIRGO: Your attitudes may be reflected by others. It might seem easier to feed your anger and shut people out than to listen and understand. To calm yourself, consider the other person's position and try to see things through their eyes.

LIBRA: If you wait for the right opening, you may have a chance to express your romantic and enduring affections. You could meet someone with the exact skill set and knowledge that complements your own.

SCORPIO: Recognize romance or affection and relish in it — you may be surprised when you reach out your hand. An unexpected romantic interest or blossoming friendship could be waiting for you to notice, and your head and  heart may agree.

SAGITTARIUS: You may have been preparing and working up the courage to take a great leap. Outside influences can make this a questionable time to upset the status quo. Someone unexpected might give you a sign.

CAPRICORN: You may exude animal magnetism or just seem more attractive than usual. This can be a suitable time to make key connections or widen your network of acquaintances. Share the strength of your convictions.

AQUARIUS: What is expected and what they tell you is expected can differ wildly. Some of it could be due to bad communication and some may be just bad management. Either way, demonstrate skill and diplomacy to negotiate verbal minefields.

PISCES: Togetherness could be the key. You may be more comfortable if you can collaborate with a pleasant companion. Spend extra time with a romantic partner or loved ones while an aura of tender understanding permeates your relationships.

IF JUNE 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: If you act like a hotshot during the coming two weeks, you might get burned, since your desire for dominance could receive a chilly reception. Be considerate of others and focus on constructive activities. Late July, when your down-to-earth business sense is enhanced, could be the best time to analyze business plans and add safeguards to ensure financial security. Late October is an ideal time for a vacation or romantic escapade; explore your inner fantasies and make them a reality. Your wisdom is accentuated then, too, making it a potentially excellent time to make decisions or put long-range plans into motion. Embrace any opportunity or offer that drops in your lap as it could lead to some lasting improvements in your life. You may be too gullible, or give in to wishful thinking in November, so avoid making any crucial commitments.

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