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ARIES: Following your best guess over the rule of thumb may not be close enough. Take the time to measure twice to prevent cutting in the wrong place. Try not to let striving for precision interfere with quality time with loved ones.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It might be time to admit you may have outgrown some of your friendships. There can be new frontiers for you to explore although some of your friends are happier staying home. Do not let their fears hold back your growth.

GEMINI: Too many people can see only the tiny puzzle piece they are holding and may not realize they need to step back before they can see the bigger picture. Someone might need you to help them find the connections.

CANCER: Your love life may not feel especially exciting right now, but you may be the recipient of one person’s love. Maybe you are not looking at love from the right perspective right now. Someone dependable might be more worthwhile.

LEO: Your usual duties could seem overwhelming at the moment. Stay at it and you can find your focus again. Loyal friends can outlast the fair-weather bystanders around you; you might be surprised who may still be there when the dust settles.

VIRGO: The urge to throw in your two cents is steadily building but uninvited advice can really cost you. Let it play out without getting involved and you may look wiser for staying above the fray. Silence can be your friend.

LIBRA: Pave the way for lucrative business profits by being willing to adapt and change your methods. Soothing topics or a cozy discussion about better ways to meet joint goals could be the way to a partner’s heart, or to resolve an obstacle.

SCORPIO: They say not to shop when you are hungry, but going out with an empty heart can be even riskier. In this mind space, every kind word or nice gesture can feel significant. Don’t fall for someone who is merely being polite.

SAGITTARIUS: Following your instincts may be better than endlessly searching for the absolutely "best" plan. You may have enough experience to know the answer already. Try not to let pressures make you doubt yourself.

CAPRICORN: Your dreams and your reality may seem to be going in different directions currently. Being clever in the office may make you popular, but it is doing the work and putting in the hours that can get you recognized.

AQUARIUS: Pay attention to the people around you. If you do not, you might walk past someone who could become a positive influence and miss a great relationship. Think on ways to bring more happiness into your life.

PISCES: Flip the channel and you can change the tune. It could be time to get on a different track with a loved one and demonstrate some understanding. Once you have reached consensus, you can be on a more even footing together.

IF MAY 31 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Find appropriate and constructive outlets for your excess energy during the next week or two, since you may be highly competitive or could  be at odds with others. Jot down your inspiring ideas in July because they might come in handy at a future juncture, but once again, constrain any brash and headstrong tendencies that other people might find offensive. You may be more at home when attending group meetings or community activities. Glide through August and September by getting in good physical shape and fine-tuning your leadership skills. Rise to the top in October by accepting offers and opportunities that fulfill your dreams. This may be an excellent time to launch projects and plans because you have enhanced foresight and the support of wise mentors. You could enjoy a romantic getaway or vacation more in October than in November.

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